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In an uncertain economic environment facing constant change, the HR function now has to brace for a double challenge: to act as a "Business Partner" supporting the strategy implementation and to improve its operational efficiency through process innovation. Driven by intensifying economic challenges, increasing operating costs and constantly changing business and workplace requirements, there is a growing interest in on-demand and consumer-oriented software, like Cloud solutions.
Taking your HR Information Systems to the next level

Your challenges

According to the results of our recent 15th Annual CEO Survey of 1,258 business leaders from 60 countries:

  • 75% of CEOs say they will change their strategies for managing people and talent;
  • 53% of CEOs say that a lack of the right skills is their biggest talent challenge;
  • only 16% of CEOs say they’re able to get comprehensive HR management information for important business measures.

There’s a clear need for dynamic and effective solutions enabling companies to grow successfully. The use of rapidly developing Cloud technology, along with evolving strategic HR applications (e.g. workforce planning) enable:

  • greater automation;
  • more sophisticated workflow technology;
  • greater levels of self-service;
  • e-capabilities and real-time consultations.

In this context, your company may face new challenges:

  • How can you implement the new HR tools all the while keeping your HR function rooted in your system?
  • How can you transform your HR organisation into a vital, strategic force with a competitive edge?

Partnering up with us means we go beyond implementing a system – we ensure that your implementation will be tightly and truly embedded into your HR transformation experience, by providing:

  • customised solutions designed to meet each client’s unique needs;
  • change management and training support to increase the success of rapid technology adoptions;
  • timely and cost-efficient implementations.

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