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Cybersecurity and Privacy

Balance security and opportunity to move forward boldly

Multiplying cyber threats have made an effective cybersecurity program a critical business requirement. PwC Luxembourg’s Cybersecurity and Privacy practice helps organizations protect against threats, propel transformation and pursue growth.

Focus on cybersecurity and privacy to achieve your goals

As companies pivot toward a digital business model, exponentially more data is generated and shared among organisations, partners and customers. This digital information has become the lifeblood of the interconnected business ecosystem and is increasingly valuable to organisations - and to skilled threat actors. Business digitisation also has exposed companies to new digital vulnerabilities, making effective cybersecurity and privacy more important than ever. PwC Luxembourg  incorporates four key elements to help you take a broader view of cybersecurity and privacy as both protectors and enablers of the business.

Cybersecurity and Privacy - PwC Luxembourg

How to propel transformation and achieve growth? Discover our key four components.

Strategy and transformation: how to grow through new technologies?

Many organisations are pursuing emerging technologies to develop new products, services or ways of doing business. However, companies don't always consider the emerging cybersecurity threats that could impact these systems after they’re implemented. PwC Luxembourg can help you design transformation strategies with security in mind from the very start, with the foresight to help you see what’s on the other side of the leading edge.

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Data protection and privacy: How should my organisation be thinking about data protection and privacy?

GDPR is just one of the many regulations that global organisations need to comply with and we know that navigating these different legislative requirements represents a key risk to you, which you have to get right in order to avoid both the financial and reputational impacts that come with a breach. To see data protection and privacy as simply a business risk is, in many instances, missing the opportunity that the data you have can present in accelerating growth in your business and for solving some of society's biggest issues.

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Implementation and operations: How to integrate, manage and improve technologies?

Organisation leaders seek to focus on opportunities that move their business forward, yet they’re often mired by urgent cybersecurity and privacy challenges. PwC Luxembourg can help you efficiently integrate new and existing technology systems into your business, as well as actively manage them to deliver continuous operational improvements and increase your cybersecurity investment.

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Incident and threat management: How to identify, respond to and remediate threats?

Leaders know they need to rapidly and effectively respond to threats, but many lack confidence in their plans. A clear view of your incident response plan's strengths and weaknesses is the first step in preparing you to confidently manage a potential security incident. PwC Luxembourg can help detect, respond to, investigate and remediate threats across the incident-management life cycle. We provide customised threat intelligence and, should an incident occur, help you respond with proven tools and methodologies.

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