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In these unprecedented times, organisational trust and transparency are more important than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant changes in assurance activities which are foundational to maintaining trust with stakeholders. Areas such as effective reporting, required disclosures and regulatory requirements remain dynamic and challenging.

PwC Luxembourg Assurance practice is prepared to help you navigate these changes and those that will emerge in the future. We have invested in a significant digital and workforce transformation to prepare for the future and drive continuous improvement not only in our capabilities, but also in the continuity and effectiveness of our services. As your organisation strives to build trust and transparency and maintain resilience, PwC stands ready to help.

Audit and Assurance

Transformation journey (Technology, People, Insight)

We are constantly investing in technology and the skills of our people to keep up with the rapid pace of change. 

We are committed to remaining at the forefront of our profession by putting the best technology in the hands of the best people. PwC has invested in the Digital Upskilling Programme, in order to be the leading technology-enabled professional services firm. 

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CEO's Agenda

ESG and Sustainable Finance

Sustainability can no longer be managed in a silo, nor can our clients focus only on mitigating negative impacts on society and the planet. Instead, climate, sustainability and governance criteria are increasingly included in the core of organisations, reflected in purposes and missions and managed across operations. It's becoming crucial to engage with investors and policymakers alike.

This trend is reinforced by the ESG regulatory agenda which defines new standards and, in turn, enhances the traditional scope of Assurance by adding Assurance of ESG factors to the traditional Assurance of historical financial information.

We believe that better ESG management is clearly beneficial. At the same time, providing accurate and complete information on the matter influences reputation, namely what investors, stakeholders at large, and the society think of the business.


Geoffroy Marcassoli, Audit Partner, ESG Audit Leader
Tel: +352 49 48 48 5410

Julien Melotte, Audit Partner, Industry & Public Sector, Sustainability
Tel: +352 49 48 48 5287

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Cybersecurity and Privacy

As companies pivot toward a digital business model, exponentially more data is generated and shared among organisations, partners and customers. This digital information has become the lifeblood of the interconnected business ecosystem and is increasingly valuable to organisations - and to skilled threat actors. Business digitisation also has exposed companies to new digital vulnerabilities, making effective cybersecurity and privacy more important than ever. PwC Luxembourg  incorporates four key elements to help you take a broader view of cybersecurity and privacy as both protectors and enablers of the business.

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Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

The good news is, data is an asset you already own. PwC Luxembourg help you to analyse your current state, develop a strong data foundation, and then monetise that data and harness the power of the information you hold to optimise business performance and commercialise data opportunities.

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain and crypto-assets underpin various forms of commerce such as payments, contracts and agreements, record keeping, reconciliation and settlement.

Consequently, they have attracted attention of various stakeholders globally and are considered to have the potential of transforming a range of sectors such as financial services including asset management, public services, industry 4.0, space and aeronautics as well as supply chains.

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