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The only constant in today’s Industry and Public Sector environments is disruption. Disruption from new tech-based entrants, to the decoupling of the global supply chain, to the transition to net zero. And changing consumer preferences and new distribution models are continuously reshaping the industry. But with disruption comes the opportunity to innovate.

Our I&PS team assists you in achieving your goals and developing solutions fit for your specific needs. Whatever the industry and however great its challenges, we always count on the support of our worldwide network and its unparalleled experience.

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Modernisation & Transformation

Whether you need to refine or completely reinvent what you do, we’ll work with you to unlock the opportunities transformation presents and deliver change that will make a difference to your organisation, your communities and society.

We work with leading public and private organisations in their transformation from strategy through execution.

Economic Growth & Recovery

Public bodies play a key role in boosting economic growth and ensuring recovery. Support to private entrepreneurship, business innovation, trade and private sector development, via business support programmes, represent a priority in the EU policy agenda.

Investment platforms as well as financial instruments, are a key enablers, as the EU intends to move away from grant-giving to targeting a co-investment approach. We bring a full understanding the whole ecosystem.

Strengthening Customs & Borders

PwC supports national governments, international institutions and private entities to establish effective Borders and Customs management systems and processes. Our team of experts brings together the necessary technical and business skills required for a holistic and comprehensive approach for the design, implementation and deployment of Borders and Customs Management solutions.

We bring a wide range of expertise such as strategy & policy advice, cost-benefit and feasibility analysis, biometrics, data protection, customer experience, security and systems.

Health & Social

Health, Social Security, Pharma and Life Science is a strategic priority of Governments and the EU. In May 2021, the European Commission announced the launch of EU4Health, with major budgets dedicated to the transformation of the health sector in the EU.

We bring a wide range of Healthcare related expertise such as strategy & policy advice, as well as transformation.

Climate Change

Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to Europe and the world. With the European Green Deal, the EU has put itself at the forefront of the fight against climate change, with the goal to become carbon neutral by 2050. PwC’s Industry and Public Sector Advisory team has long been at the forefront of offering strategic policy advice and operational support for the implementation of climate-related initiatives by public organisations and private companies alike. We take particular pride in our work with public finance institutions on developing green finance solutions within the EU and abroad, recognising the key role of investment in reaching the EU’s climate targets and the need for innovative solutions to direct capital flows towards sustainable objectives.

We bring a wide range of Climate Change related expertise.

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