Transformation journey (Technology, People, Insight)

Balancing business understanding with technology, innovation and human insight - that's Intelligent Digital. 

Our transformation journey is about transforming the audit through innovation, focusing on three parts that are key to success in the audit of the future - technology, people and insights - and how these elements complement each other on the path to providing an enhanced way of auditing that delivers high quality and meets client expectations.

Our team's audit and digital IQ delivers high quality, exceptional service and new insights.

Bringing the best of human and machine to your audit. We have made and continue to make significant investments in people and technology. The result: auditors who are digitally upskilled and continuously looking for ways to bring innovation and insights along with the integrity, independence and professional skepticism you expect.

Bringing audit insights to life

With time saved on manual audit tasks made digital, our audit teams can focus on examining important audit matters in a new way. From start to finish, they leverage the data obtained to bring deeper analysis, smarter anomaly detection and the ability to spot audit-related trends.

Investing in technology to enable our services to be delivered digitally anytime, anywhere
  • Holistic solutions - Extensive depth and breadth of leading technology solutions;
  • Customisable dashboards - Tracking issue resolution efficiently - from anywhere, in real time;
  • Investing in the future - Committed to continual capital investment in our technology.

5 unique, smart technologies - Halo for Funds, Aura, Halo, Connect and Extract - underpin the safety, insight and real-time capability of the audit

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Asset Management Digital Solutions

Our Halo for Funds solution is a Global solution tailored to investment funds

With our data-driven approach, we gather data from any source, in any form, and use it to deliver unique insights:

  • Gather - Sophisticated and flexible data capture;
  • Transform - Standardising and enriching data through Global Common Data Model;
  • Activate - Connections to PwC asset management digital solutions;
  • Experience - Results, insights, and analytics with customisable client portal.

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Our global ERP system driving global quality and consistency

  • All audit elements fit together seamlessly - no duplications, no omissions;
  • Enables a risk-based approach making it easier to see how identified risks are addressed by our work on controls and substantive tests;
  • Underlying technology enables teams to test all identified areas of audit risk, and challenge the testing approach to help drive efficiencies.

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Award-winning data auditing tool designed to test information reliability

  • Understanding your business increases the audit team’s knowledge which, in turn, enhances the quality of the audit;
  • Trend and ratio analysis provide you with insights using information that the audit team already has received as part of the audit;
  • Visualisations highlight patterns and potentially higher risk transactions instantly, enabling deeper understanding of your business, supporting more relevant conversations and delivering insight;
  • Automation means manual tasks are now completely automated.

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A collaborative workflow tool allowing fast, secure information sharing

  • Better information exchange and document management using a secure web-based tool;
  • Consolidation and automation of notifications, making the process more efficient;
  • Safe and secure collaboration for clients and teams;
  • Global availability for small to large teams;
  • Siginificant reduction of document management efforts;
  • Real time tracking, enabling fast and efficient issue resolution.

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Unlock the power of your data to help reimagine the audit

  • Extracts large volumes of data with limited impact on your systems;

  • Returns standard data formats allowing automated transformation ready for analysis by our applications;

  • Eliminates the need for repeated, manual intervention through the data extraction process;

  • Encrypts and compresses the data during the extraction and transfer;

  • Provides end-to-end protection of your data;

  • An overall more efficient data acquisition process.

Learn more about our award-winning audit technologies was named the ‘Audit Innovation of the Year’ by the International Accounting Bulletin in 2017.

PwC has made a significant investment in pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) for the audit., a revolutionary bot, was developed by a team of our best auditors working with a leading-edge Silicon Valley AI company. It uses AI and machine learning to 'x-ray' a business and provide unprecedented insight, analysing billions of data points in milliseconds and applying judgement to detect anomalies and unusual accounting activity in the general ledger.

In 2016, our data-auditing tool Halo won the award.

Halo is revolutionising our audits, enabling greater assurance and deeper insight by harnessing the power of data. It scans huge volumes of business-critical data, enabling improved risk assessment, analysis and testing, and unlocking insight.

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