Defence and security

Increasing threats have put defence and security matters at the forefront of European and global policy discussions in recent years. We see decision-makers becoming aware of the need to address them in a more holistic manner. The reengineering of existing infrastructures, the development and deployment of new IT systems, the interoperability of different systems, improved command and control, cybersecurity, standardisation or the introduction of biometrics have become important priorities. The efficient use of EU and national funds to support security and defence research and technologies, multinational cooperation and the full use of the existing organisational structures’ potential are the cornerstones of present and future European security.

How we can help

We are an active member of the PwC Global Government Defence and Security networks, which gather experts in defence and security across six continents and over 20 countries. We bring together policy perspective, governance capabilities, experience with user needs, as well as technological expertise to find pragmatic and practical solutions at national and international levels.

Our services include:

  • Advice on policy, strategy and operations;             
  • (Digital) Transformation and governance;
  • Stakeholders' and HR management and communication;
  • Technology consulting (e.g. digital workplace, ERP and biometrics);
  • Large-scale information systems (e.g. Entry Exit System, Schengen Information System, VIS, European Travel Information and Authorisation System);
  • ICT Security (e.g. cybersecurity, blockchain, biometrics, penetration testing);
  • ICT Infrastructure (optimisation, data centre, cloud, Internet of Things, networking);
  • Data (e.g. strategy, governance, standardisation, big data and analytics, artificial intelligence);
  • Risk and change management;
  • Programme and project management;
  • Supply chain/procurement optimisation.


Our team and facility in Luxembourg is security cleared.


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Contact us

Philippe Pierre

Advisory Partner, Government & Public Services Leader, EU institutions Leader, PwC Luxembourg

Tel: +352 49 48 48 4313

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