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We know it can be hard to find your way in the jungle of job search, personal branding, onboarding and career discussions. Sometimes you may even get lost, and that's alright. Because it can bring you new opportunities and enable you to find paths you wouldn't otherwise consider.

Casual Side, our monthly podcast on all things HR (but not only), can guide you in the right direction.

Join Anne-Catherine and her guests to discover the newest HR practices, take a deep dive into the employee experience at PwC and learn how to create your own, unique career path.

Now sit back and enjoy our casual chat!

Season 3

Ep5: Discover the Career Compass Programme

Nanni and Leila are part of our first Career Compass Programme. Within the programme, they will discover the Alternatives sector while rotating between our Audit, Tax and Advisory departments. As they discuss their insights alongside Alexandre Igel, our Tax Partner who initiated the programme, we discover more about why this type of career start is beneficial for young professionals.

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Ep4: Onboarding the New Joiners! 

The process of onboarding helps an organization to demonstrate its missions and values. The New Joiners are provided with training, knowledge and resources to succeed in their new position. Onboarding will also show them how they can be part of the community and add their personal touch to their work environment so they can feel more connected. 

Today we are going to speak with Nathanael Costa. 11 years ago he started working at the Academy Reception of PwC. Ever since he worked at the HC front desk to schedule interviews, was part of the campus organizing event and recruited interns. Nowadays he is part of People Share and is still an active member of the onboarding team.

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What happened in 2022?

Ep3: What happened in 2022?

2022 is almost over and a lot has changed. Let’s take a look at how things evolved and how Covid changed the challenges we are facing today. 

In today’s episode, we will talk with Jean-Baptiste Mahieux, better known as JB. He is a Human Capital Contact for the Assurance line of service and has been with the firm for a little over four years. 

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Ep2: International Men's Day

In today’s episode, we will talk about the journey towards inclusion and diversity. It has many dimensions, we thrive when we explore and understand each one of them. Celebrating International Men’s Day is a way of discovering not only the struggles they may face in today’s society but also a way of advancing the cause of equality. Only when we understand that men and women are two sides of the same coin, we will be able to achieve a truly equal world.

Today’s guests are Frank Pansera and François Génaux. Frank is a director in our Assurance practice and has been with PwC for over 14 years. Our second guest is the leader of the Advisory, he joined the company over 19 years ago and is not only a partner of the firm but also the official diversity representative within our Country Leadership Team.

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Ep1: Personal Branding: Be your best ally!

Welcome back to our third season of Casual Side.

In this first episode, we will talk with Lucie who is the Employer Branding specialist at PwC Luxembourg. She will walk us through the concept of Personal Branding, explain the key pillars of it and will let us know how to use it to our advantage in a professional environment.  

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Season 2

Ep9: The workplace of the future

During this episode, we will talk with Lieven, Head of Human Resources at PwC. He will talk about how he views the future of Human Resources and how PwC will face those new challenges.

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Ep8: Being part of a community

During this episode, we will talk with Karthik, founder of a PoP Club (PoP = People of PwC) at PwC. He will let us know why he decided to create his own Pop Club and why he thinks that joining a community is a great idea for employees and new joiners.

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Ep7: Inside the mind of a recruiter - HR Interviews

During this episode we will talk with Elodie Baijot, recruiter and career coach for IFS at PwC Luxembourg. She will tell us how to prepare in order to shine during your interview, what her favorite questions are and what you can expect after the interview.

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Ep6: Inside the mind of a recruiter - Job fairs

During this episode we will talk with Marion Marck, recruiter and career coach for Audit at PwC Luxembourg. She will share with us her experience and let us in on some secrets on how to be the one candidate she remembers after a job fair.

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Ep5: Inside the mind of a recruiter - Resume and cover letter

During this episode we will talk with Pauline Gabriel, recruitment coordinator for the Assurance Line of Service at PwC Luxembourg. She will share with us the latest best practices regarding resumes and cover letters and will enlighten us on what candidates should and shouldn’t do to really stand out to a recruiter.

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Ep4: The impact of flexibility in the workplace on taxation

During this episode we will talk with Sévernie Moca, Deputy Head of HR at PwC Luxembourg. She will share with us her thoughts regarding the future ways of working and will enlighten us on the impacts that they will have in terms of taxation and social security.

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Ep3: Why diversity matters in the workplace?

During this episode, you will hear Maria's story. Maria, who comes from Venezuela, graduated in Psychology, and she is now our Diversity & Inclusion officer. She'll share with us her personal experiences living abroad and her views on Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace. She’'l also tell us about the concrete actions PwC Luxembourg is taking to support D&I.

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Ep2: The Trainee Experience

During this episode you will hear the testimony of Sasha who is currently an intern at PwC Luxembourg. He will share with us his personal experience, everything from how he found his internships, the recruitment process, his daily life to what is coming next for him.

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Ep1: How to get familiar with the unfamiliar?

In this first episode of season two, we talk with Fabien Hautier, who is a tax partner and also part of our Be Well, Work Well committee here at PwC. Get an insight on how we as a firm focus on health topics, new ways of working and how our people can grow and thrive during these still uncertain times. Listen to Fabian's personal experience, what helps him adapt to change and get to know why according to him, resilience is the key to do so.

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