Managed Services for Investment funds

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Your unique entry point

A unique entry point to all services in scope

Managed services (“MS”) will allow you to experience enhanced efficiency, streamlined processes, and cost-effectiveness through our single point of contact, deep technical expertise, and collaborative teamwork.

Benefit from shortened timelines, simplified reviews, and effortless onboarding, all while boosting value and productivity for your organisation.

Your unique entry point

Our added value

  • 250+ Managed Services trained employees;
  • Extensive expertise with regulatory and compliance topics (oversight, distribution, reporting etc);
  • Multidisciplinary Luxembourg team covering all aspects of AWM industry with broad experience and knowledge, supported by the international network;
  • Best in class technological solutions;
  • Scalable and flexible to accommodate your specific requirements;
  • Unique entry point to all services in scope; and
  • IT infrastructure has already been established for over 30+ fund administrators offering "data-driven" services.

Scope of our services

Our services

  • Statutory financial statements
  • Prospectus
  • Key information Documents
  • EPT / EMT / EET
  • SFDR Pre-contractual Disclosure
  • Factsheets
  • AML/KYC on assets

Your challenges

  • Navigating the complex establishment process of investment funds, including legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Ensuring compliance with ever-evolving regulations like SFDR or AML/KYC;
  • Managing documentation and reporting obligations such as EPT, EMT, and EET accurately and efficiently;
  • Producing comprehensive and legally compliant prospectuses, key information documents, and financial statements; and
  • Maintaining accuracy and consistency in factsheets and other reporting materials.

How we can help

Through the adept utilisation of expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology, we streamline your operations, maximising efficiency and precision in all your fund documents preparation.

Our services

  • Risk Reporting
  • AIFMD Annex IV Reporting
  • MMF Reporting
  • Solvency II and other investors reporting (VAG, CRR etc.)
  • ESG Risk and PAI reporting
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Performance reporting

Your challenges

  • Navigating through intricate regulatory frameworks such as GITA, AIFMD Annex IV, MMF, Solvency II, VAG, CRR, etc;
  • Dealing with the complexities of gathering and organising data from various sources, formats, and systems;
  • Ensuring accuracy and compliance with ever-evolving regulatory standards, avoiding penalties and reputational risks;
  • Meeting tight deadlines for regulatory submissions amidst other operational demands;
  • Addressing the growing importance of ESG reporting requirements; and
  • Needing to provide transparent and accurate performance reporting to stakeholders.

How we can help

We provide a comprehensive solution for regulatory reporting, from data collection to submission to regulatory bodies, encompassing every aspect of the process. Our data central platform simplifies the data collection process, ensuring data is standardised and ready for reporting without the need for extensive cleaning or manipulation. 

Furthermore, our team stands ready to offer support and guidance throughout every stage of the reporting procedure.

Our services

  • Fund Registration & Distribution
  • Market watch (fund distribution, regulatory, tax)
  • Compliance Control Hub
  • Definition, assessment and management of compliance controls
  • DPO as a service (GDPR)
  • CISO as a service (Cybersecurity)
  • CFO as a service
  • RC as a service
  • Whistleblowing service
  • Due Diligence Monitoring Hub
  • Tax Reclaim Services
  • Investor Tax Reporting
  • GenAI as a Service

Your challenges

  • Managing complexities in fund registration & distribution processes;
  • Staying abreast of market dynamics, including changes in fund distribution, regulatory requirements, and tax implications;
  • Difficulty in defining, assessing, and managing compliance controls;
  • Meeting GDPR requirements;
  • Addressing cybersecurity concerns; 
  • Handling financial operations efficiently;
  • Establishing a reliable whistleblowing mechanism;
  • Ensuring efficient tax reclaim services;
  • Managing payroll effectively and accurately; and
  • Embracing the challenges of integrating AI into operations (GenAI Service).

How we can help

We offer comprehensive support services tailored to every aspect of your operations.  Leveraging PwC's expertise and innovative tools, we can provide due diligence and proactive oversight. Additionally, we provide support to Data Protection Officer (DPO) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as a service, ensuring that your organization has the necessary expertise in critical areas. From regulatory compliance to strategic guidance, we are committed partners in your journey towards success.

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