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Designing tomorrow, together. We help you achieve months of work in days, by fostering creativity & engagement in your team.

PwC Experience Center Luxembourg

Welcome to the Experience Center

What is your vision of the future? What do you want your organisation to look like and how are you going to take it there? You know you need to change - but are you clear of the direction and the pain points that might become obstacles along the way?

Our experience in facilitation can help you develop a solution that best meets your needs, while our problem-solving skills can help you identify and address any potential obstacles. We can help you achieve a clear vision and create a roadmap to get there, ensuring that your organisation is on the right path to success.

Your challenges

  • Identifying additional revenue streams

Did you know that 56% of companies aren't confident they can identify new revenue opportunities? (Source: PwC US CFO Survey, 2020)

  • Providing great customer service

Did you know that 62% of B2B customers 'purchased more after a good customer service experience' vs 42% of B2C customers? (Source: PwC Research Partner)

  • Lack of customer-centricity

Did you know companies achieve 59% higher revenue growth when they lead with a 'customer needs first' approach? (Source: PwC's Strategy&, The Global Innovation 1000 Study, 2018)

  • Enhancing existing revenue streams

Did you know that 63% of companies say product or service innovation is most important to rebuilding or enhancing their revenue? (Source: PwC US CFO Survey, 2020)

  • Neglected customer experience

Did you know that 16% of premium customers will pay for a better customer experience, but only 15% of CEOs think their customer experience is effective? (Source: PwC Digital IQ 2019, PwC Experience in everything 2018)

  • Breaking down silos

Did you know that only 30% of companies provide support to work effectively with people who share different views? (Source: PwC Global Workforce Survey, 2022)

  • Justifying project ROI

Did you know organisations achieved 229% median ROI per project when applying human-centred design thinking principles? (Source: Forrester's ROI of Design Thinking, 2018. NEA - Future of Design)

We help you shape a vision for the future, align your team towards that vision and speed up its delivery. With our subscription-based service, you can access on-demand sessions designed and facilitated by our collaboration experts in a purpose-built space. Our tailored approach includes access to PwC's broad range of subject-matter experts.

If you're looking to think and work differently, you've come to the right place.


Please click on the pink boxes below to discover how can we support you.

Why do you need support to speed up your value delivery?

  • You need to solve complex challenges that require new ways of thinking and working
  • You need to align on future-state which asks for cross-department support and co-creation
  • You need to achieve rapid results through active experimentation and collaboration

What can we do to help you on your journey?

  •  Together we can deliver rapid results through a series of on-demand sessions
  • Together we can bring your people, our experts and facilitators to solve complex problems
  • Together we can use a human-centred approach to manage change and get stakeholder buy-in

How can we do this?

  •  We are expert facilitators specialised in collaboration, problem-solving, and alignment
  • We have a space for collaborative work that is built specifically for that purpose
  • We now offer a subscription-based model to accompany you throughout the year

Our collaboration with you is flexible. You come to us whenever you need to run a session. Your subscription gives you on-demand access to our broad toolbox and our deep expertise. Activate the power of the Experience Center now to drive rapid results on your key initiatives!

Team PwC Experience Center Luxembourg



Our team

Our team comprises various profiles, but they all share the same passion for human-centred design. We are a team of expert session designers and facilitators. Our team is composed of highly experienced designers, business and tech specialists. Our skill set includes session design, innovation, strategy, training delivery, incubation, and prototyping.

We are proud champions of new ways of working, where collaboration and creativity are the starting point of any initiative. Our team can help you unlock the full potential of your people in a safe environment, where they can learn by experimenting and iterating until they've created an ideal outcome.

We are here to support you in a variety of project types while you build your own design capabilities.


Our space

Experience Center is an inspiring and purpose-built space for collaboration. Spanning over 400m2, our facilities are equipped with everything you need to work differently. Our sandbox can host up to 50 people and is an ideal place to frame problems and ideate on potential solutions. In addition, when working with larger groups, smaller breakout areas are used to speed up session delivery. Project rooms are also available for teams looking to incubate their projects with us.

The philosophy behind our space is flexibility. As everything is on the wheels, it can adapt to accommodate any session type at a short notice. Our team is there to help propose the best layout to facilitate the flow of people so that they can do their best work together. 

Think of it like the Harry Potter's changing room of requirements - it can be anything your imagination wants it to be.

PwC Experience Center Luxembourg
PwC Experience Center Luxembourg
PwC Experience Center Luxembourg
PwC Experience Center Luxembourg

Our methodology

Foremost, we put the human at the centre of everything we do - and that is the same advice we would give to you. By using human-centred design in a structured manner, we start by identifying the problem to be solved and then working collaboratively to find the right solution.

Human centred design allows us to combine the business needs, customer desires and technology enablers to co-create rapid solutions that meet your objectives.

Our in-depth knowledge of various industries, combined with our experience in session design and facilitation, makes us well positioned to be your trusted partner. We focus on aligning your stakeholders through a constructive process that fosters out-of-the-box thinking to create unconventional solutions. By involving your employees in the co-creation process, we seek to get their support early on, making sure that after our intervention, we have equipped you to succeed on your own.

Our methodology
Our packages

Designing tomorrow. Together.

PwC Experience Center


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