Professionals of the Financial Sector (PFS)

Luxembourg's financial services centre is unique. Professionals of the financial sector (PFS) composed by 266 companies and 16,803 employees at the end of 2021 play a key role in this ecosystem.

Our multidisciplinary teams can assist you in various domains, providing assurance on your financial statements, helping on regulatory and tax matters as well as developing solutions that fit your specific needs. Find out more about the current hot topics and our services below! Feel free to reach out to Nicolas, or Andreas who is dedicated to the german market, for any question you may have.

Categories of PSF

Categories of PFS

All categories of PFS are supervised by the CSSF and regulated by the Law of April 5, 1993 relating to the financial sector.

Based on the license obtained from the regulator, each PFS will be categorised as Investment firm, Specialised PFS or Support PFS.

Each of these PFS categories are subject to additional and specific regulatory requirements (directives, laws and CSSF circulars).

Main regulations and requirements

Depending on their Category, PFS are subject to different requirements. In the highly regulated environment PFS are operating, these requirements are constantly evolving.

Please refer to the following CSSF Website, for regulations applicable to each category of PFS or do not hesitate to contact us.

Main regulations and requirements





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