AML and Financial Crime

The term 'financial crime' covers a wide range of criminal offences which are generally international in nature.

Financial Crime is an increasing concern for all financial institutions, which is developing together rapidly and equally together with technology.  Financial crime affect largest global organisations but also the smallest companies and partnerships. Preventing and detecting Financial Crime is rapidly evolving to be one of their biggest challenges, the impact of which extends well beyond monetary losses to reputation and brand, employee morale, business relations, as well as regulatory censure.

Closely connected to cybercrime, financial crimes are often committed via the Internet and have a major impact on the international banking and financial sectors - both official and alternative.

PwC provide innovative and advanced solutions for responding to Financial Crime incidents, remediating past deficiencies, developing enhanced operating models, and optimising transaction monitoring systems. PwC using effective systems and controls that help us to prevent and deter financial crime.

We have a dedicated team of Luxembourg Financial Crime specialists working to combat financial crime in areas such as:

  • Cybercrime and Data leaks
  • Fraud
  • Anti-money laundering, counter terrorist financing and sanctions
  • Tax evasion and fraud
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Market abuse

Our local team includes forensic investigators, tax fraud specialists, forensic and investigative analytics specialists, AML/CTF experts, OFAC/EU Sanction specialists, KYC remediation specialists, regulatory experts and internal controls specialists.

We are closely integrated into PwC’s global network of financial crime specialists, with over 3,000 partners and professional staff across 83 countries working to combat financial crime. We’re organized to reflect the multidisciplinary financial crime task forces established by major financial institutions and government agencies, with market leading specialists in cybersecurity, anti-money laundering, sanctions, fraud and anti-bribery/anti-corruption.

We work with you to provide innovative and advanced solutions for responding to Financial Crime incidents by:


We clearly establish the facts and get to the bottom of our client’s financial crime issues, such as responding to a regulatory issue, breach or control failure.


We're equipped to fix the underlying issues that allow financial crime to continue, such as remediating files, addressing operational backlogs, or designing controls to quickly manage current risks.


We’ll execute the financial crimes operational processes required to sustain successful and cost-effective policies on a longer term basis, such as: KYC onboarding, transaction monitoring, and fine tuning alerting.


Whether building out a program or enhancing an existing one, we can transform the effectiveness of our clients’ financial crime operations (e.g. transaction monitoring), reducing their costs and focusing their resources on the areas of highest risk.

Immediate action after the discovery of an incident, compliance breach or leak can be critical, especially when unprepared decisions can determine success or failure of damage control and incident management. The rapid response team of Forensic Services of PwC Luxembourg can rapidly provide local access to incident containment, investigation experience and crisis management expertise and can mobilise global teams where required:

  • Breach notification
  • Computer, network and malware forensics
  • Crisis management
  • e-Discovery and disclosure
  • Investigative analytics


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