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Ah, technology. To quote Steve Jobs, arguably the most famous disruptor of our time, "we have no idea how far it’s going to go".
Whether you're the savviest techy around or a complete tech-dummy or somewhere in between, join Luis Salerno, who enjoys writing about tech-related matters, and Carla Santos, a journalist eager to learn more about it, during their biweekly conversations with experts.

The matters revolve around technology developments and the business challenges linked to them, with interesting reflections on how far we've come and how far we just might go.

TechTalk is technology made simple, over a cup of coffee.    

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Season 4

The One on Prototyping

Ep6: The One on Prototyping (Applied cases)

Prototyping isn’t new. Humans have been prototyping for centuries. With digital technology influencing almost every single sphere of our lives, it has become even more important. In this episode, we talk to Edouard Nollet from PwC Luxembourg’s Experience Center about what is and what isn’t a prototype as well as prototyping methods and best practices.


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Ep5: The One on Social Scoring and Security

Imagine you live in a world where every action, interaction and movement is rated and each citizen has a score. Well, to some this might sound like a Black Mirror’s episode, but this world isn’t that far off from reality. In fact, it’s already here.
In this episode, we will deep dive into what social scoring systems are, their potential benefits and flaws, and how they play out in different cultures. Our guest is Marco Preuss, Director of the European Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky Lab.

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user psychology

Ep4: The One on User’s Psychology

In today's episode, we talk with Niek de Visscher, CEO Digital Innovation Benelux, about user psychology and the importance of building and delivering systems that are qualitative “as a whole” in order to change people’s behaviours when it comes to cybersecurity. Listen to the episode to discover what that means. 

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ransom ware

Ep3: The One on the Ransomware Ecosystem

On this week’s episode, we dive into the ransomware ecosystem, how it operates and how it has evolved over the years. Our guest is Jornt van der Wiel, who works as a local security expert for the Benelux region in Kaspersky’s Global Research & Analysis Team.

Kaspersky has been actively fighting ransomware for many years now, working with Law Enforcement Agencies. This has led to some lessons learnt.

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SAP software

Ep2: The one on SAP, the most-used ERP software

SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products. The largest European software company by revenue has become a true business ally, especially when the need for accessing and sharing data is crucial for good performance, operational excellence and client success. Do you want to know more about it? This episode is for you.  

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tech talk

Ep1: The One on Technology Strategy for Digital Transformation  

In this episode, we speak with Frédéric Chapelle, Technology partner at PwC Luxembourg, who supports businesses in developing a technology strategy in line with their goals. This translates into identifying gaps between the IT function (strategy, structure, people, process, technology) and the current and future business direction.

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