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Poster 2023

The PwC Market Research Centre has just released the 23rd edition of its annual Global Fund Distribution Poster.

Since its first edition, this annual poster has become a reference tool for asset managers, promoters and asset servicers who need an overview of the global cross-border fund market.

This year's edition provides the top 100 cross-border management groups, including the different domicile platforms they use for international sales. It highlights the evolution of cross-border distribution, the hotspot targets, as well as the key target markets of leading fund domiciles.

Target markets for distribution

Total of new registrations - Top 3
Target markets for distribution

Get a grasp on the global cross-border fund market

Hot spots for distribution

See in our poster the total number of registrations at the end of 2022 and the number of Top 100 cross-border groups distributing in each market.


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Top 5 cross-border management groups

Get the full Top 100 in our poster.

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Top Distribution Markets

  • Europe - Switzerland
  • Asia Pacific - Singapore
  • Middle East - Saudi Arabia
  • Americas - Chile
  • Africa - South Africa

Get detailed information on all Distribution markets worldwide.

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Assisting in Global Fund Distribution

We can assist you with all your cross-border distribution needs. If you need help to create a distribution strategy, obtain quick and efficient market entry, or to ensure your funds remain in compliance with all regulations - our dedicated cross-border fund distribution team is experienced in delivering effective solutions for funds domiciled across the globe.

The Global Fund Distribution practice solutions for your fund life cycle include: 

  • Development of an effective Fund Distribution Strategy, including detailed market, product and country profiles and investor analysis;
  • Product and fund documentation structuring, set-up and development;
  • UCITS and AIF market entry;
  • ETF listing;
  • Compliance with regulatory and tax reporting requirements related to distribution;
  • Due diligence of third parties;
  • Marketing material review;
  • GFD platform and market intelligence;
  • Digital Fund Marketing;
  • Asset Flow Intelligence.

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