Healthcare and Life Science Industries

PwC has one of the largest networks in the healthcare industry, advising clients - including policymakers, healthcare providers, payers and health sciences - on the challenges of value capture, new entrants and new global markets.

How we can help

PwC Luxembourg has developed a unique set of expertise to support a wide range of stakeholders across the health, social, pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors.

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the resilience, but also the limitations and vulnerability of healthcare systems across Europe. Now is the time to rebuild and reflect upon the difficult lessons learned, experiences gained and the innovations that have accelerated their way into our reality. We address health industry challenges with our dedicated team - quickly and decisively in the face of market shifts to capture opportunity and alleviate risks. 

Through the unparalleled support of our worldwide network PwC Luxembourg compiles broad perspectives, unique experiences and diverse expertise in order to “reimagine the possible” of health - with the overall objective of supporting the delivery of better health outcomes in Luxembourg, within the EU and beyond.

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Annual PwC Healthcare Conference - 6th edition

23 May 2024

Our key areas of expertise

Health policies

PwC Luxembourg works with public institutions to help develop and implement strategies that engage government officials and impact public policy. Our approach emphasises the importance of continual outreach in order to bridge connections between key decision makers in the public sector and stakeholders within the health and life sciences field. Whether it's working with governments and organisations to implement national health programmes, managing global health funds, bringing research & development/healthcare solutions to scale or responding to global health crises, PwC Luxembourg is a trusted advisor that aims at improving and protecting the health of populations in Europe and across the globe.

Operations improvement

PwC Luxembourg is committed to helping clients overcome challenges often caused by a misalignment between human resources and their transformation strategy. We assist clients with defining their vision and goals, assess their current level of organisation and propose operational, organisational, technological and educational measures to remedy their issues while focusing on the corporate values and atmosphere.

Assurance services

PwC Luxembourg has extensive experience in auditing the financial statements of healthcare entities, including hospitals, retirement homes, companies providing healthcare services, public healthcare institutions and others. PwC Luxembourg also provides comfort on statements based on specified procedures agreed with different parties (e.g. review of statements in the context of a financing investment by the Ministry or EU). Thanks to the numerous clients who have trusted us, we have been able to develop an efficient and pragmatic approach to auditing healthcare entities - a credit to our audit team specialised in this sector.

See more of our audit services here.

Innovation AI & data insights

From strategy to execution to results, PwC Luxembourg can support clients with:

  • executive workshops;
  • strategy and innovation pilots;
  • proprietary benchmarks;
  • advanced analytics;
  • analytics apps with data visualisation;
  • advisory engagements.

Cloud for healthcare

PwC Luxembourg will work with you to find a tailored cloud solution that will fit your needs and the desired flexibility for your business. Additionally, we can help facilitate and accelerate the implementation of the cloud in your organisation with a safe solution for sensitive data such as healthcare related data. Our solution equips you to get the most from the cloud by driving change across people, process and technology - all within the context of a long-term digital vision that is indispensable for an efficient healthcare of today and tomorrow.


As connected medical devices are increasingly adopted within healthcare providers, from patient beds to wearable devices, so are the cyber risks and opportunities associated with them. PwC Luxembourg helps you evaluate the risks and take a broader view of cybersecurity and privacy as both protectors and enablers of the business.

Learn more about the work delivered by PwC on cybersecurity here.

Model of care

By aligning incentives between payers and providers, PwC Luxembourg can help design and implement effective integrated care pathways that leads to improved efficiency, reduced costs and better health outcomes. 

Workforce transformation

A challenge common to any industry undergoing change is unquestionably acquiring and retaining their talent. PwC Luxembourg helps clients from the healthcare industry with the technical and organisational challenges that affect their HR structure as well as provide solutions to improve the performance of their workforce and manage their human capital risks. Our offering spans across organisational design, process optimisation, workforce planning and people analytics.

Health program management

PwC Luxembourg can help manage large scale health programs by leveraging the team’s and network’s expertise in nationwide and local programs. We assist clients in their challenges by providing insights, world-recognised methodologies and by promoting an objectives-focused approach. We can help align stakeholders to achieve your vision by proposing adequate organisation and measures.


PwC Luxembourg provides real-world industry and functional experience as well as peer-group benchmarking of financial metrics. We help you tailor your comprehensive service to increase efficiency and rapid response capability of finance operation, and to support corporate development strategies.

Preparedness & emergency and crisis management

PwC Luxembourg assists clients from the healthcare industry with preparedness and emergency-related projects. This includes topics such as crisis management, operational support on country-wide initiatives using expertise in technology, stakeholders management, governance and infrastructure. We also focus on capitalising opportunities to support our clients achieve their goals.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a greater focus on ESG across the healthcare sector, due to its fundamental role for any company or institution that wants to continue to provide quality services while dealing with economic uncertainty and increasing costs. PwC Luxembourg has extensive experience in helping clients implement, develop, and integrate ESG criteria across their organisation, including supporting them with designing and operating sustainable buildings. With our expertise in Green Building Certifications, we can help you construct sustainable facilities that meet efficiency goals, mitigate contributions to climate change, control energy costs and preserve scarce resources, while optimising health and wellness both for the staff, patients and visitors.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

PwC Luxembourg assists clients in their GDPR compliance and conducts gap analysis to understand the current level of compliance. This includes among other things the drafting and review of the GDPR governance, the data processing registry, the DPIAs, the data subject rights and data breach procedures, the privacy by design and by default checklist, and the data security.

In addition, PwC Luxembourg offers an introductory course to enable participants to increase their comfort level when confronted with cloud specific regulation in order to support their digital transformation process. Learn more about how PwC can assist you on GDPR matters here

See more about this course here.


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