Luxembourg is a major centre for cross-border life insurance, non-life insurance and for captive reinsurance.

Luxembourg has been chosen by several major insurance companies as a base for selling insurance products to be marketed throughout Europe under the EU freedom of services provision.

The country has achieved its ambition to make insurance the third pillar of its financial sector, along with investment funds and banking. Following the successful development of the reinsurance captive sector from 1984, in December 1994 the government transposed into national law the third generation of EU Directives, positioning the country as the first true pan-European centre for insurance and the promoter of cross-border marketing of insurance products.

One of the advantages of Luxembourg is that lawmakers, decision-makers and regulators are all at close quarters and have traditionally enjoyed a relationship of mutual understanding with business. This leads to a rapid decision-making process as well as a stable and friendly business environment. Luxembourg insurance and reinsurance companies benefit from a sound legal and regulatory framework with the "Commissariat Aux Assurances" ("CAA") safeguarding the high quality of insurance/reinsurance operations through an efficient supervisory review and monitoring of the smooth running of their business.


What makes Luxembourg great?

  • Founding member of the EU and strategically positioned at the heart of Europe
  • Rated AAA by the three main rating agencies
  • Responsive tax system
  • A centre of R&D and innovation
  • Hub for international talent - highly skilled, multilingual workforce
  • Tailor-made international school system
  • Safe country with a high quality of living
  • Authorities committed to creating a business-friendly environment

Luxembourg - the place to be for Insurance & Reinsurance

EUR 56 billion

of premium written in end 2022

EUR 335 billion

of total balance sheet in end 2022

281 companies

(end July 2023)

EUR 782 million

after-tax results (end 2022)

13,614 employees

in the Insurance sector in end 2022 (+2.84% compared to 2021)

10th biggest

European life insurance hub

Audit & Assurance

Our audit engagement goes beyond its primary objective of opining on the financial statements in accordance with auditing standards.

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Globalisation, the continued growth of international trade, shifting political landscapes and the increasing information flow sharing have made tax matters material and challenging issue for many businesses. 

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With over 50 years of experience in the Luxembourg market, solid credentials and a team of over 400 people combining deep industry knowledge and professional experience, we’ll help you take your business to the next level.

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