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Entity Governance and Compliance

Boost your governance

The increasing pressure induced by compliance and society on organizations demonstrates the importance of an appropriate governance and the key role played by corporate secretaries to support business actions and set up efficient decision process tools.

Entity Governance and Compliance will help to produce your  corporate documentation but also to define and maintain the proper governance of your  organization.

Part of PwC EGC Network, we will also provide you with assistance in foreign countries.

Explore our Entity Governance and Compliance Services
Efficiency of decision making process and controls are key for organisation. Our approach  for a proper governance is driven by the following equation
Governance x Adhesion = Efficiency


  1. Strategic Needs: what do I want? What do I need?
  2. Regulations: what are the regulations my organization is subject to?
  3. Formalisation: how can I implement/share the governance?
  4. Controls: how can I monitor?
  5. Tools: what are the appropriate tools/behaviours to monitor governance without making the process complex.

We can assist you to set up, implement, formalise or simply assess your corporate governance

Administrative workload and defaulting administration are time-consuming for organizations and source of uncertainty.
Outsourcing such functions gives you the opportunity to optimize your resources in the best interest of your activities and ensures that best local and international practices are considered and correctly managed.
Adequate IT tool renders the outsourcing invisible for you, your partners and stakeholders.

We propose flexible and simple solutions to support you:

Company Secretary has a significant impact on effectiveness of your process of decision.
We will provide you with a professional dealing with your organisation as an insider, ensuring the respect of regulations, anticipating changes and managing your administration.
Close to you, he will interact to set up, monitor, control the proper governance of your structure. He will be the best partner of your organisation.

Company Secretary is :

We develop an environment, you design your tool

e-Collaborative Solutions

We propose a collaboration tool (called e-CS) to support our company secretary solutions. This tool can be designed to stick to your own organization and reduce the learning time of users.

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Main features:

  • Accessible 24/7
  • Security
  • Project management
  • Data management
  • Access management
  • Portative (compatible with tablets)

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