AWM & ESG Research Centre

An international team of experts dedicated to providing you and your company with strategic quantitative and qualitative data-rich insights and analyses.

About the Research Centre

The PwC AWM & ESG Research Centre identifies and provides insights and analysis to professional associations, asset managers, private banks, financial service providers, public and European Union institutions. Our expertise ranges from market entry studies and strategic planning, to impact assessments for the revision of EU directives.

What we do

Economic Research

We conduct econometric and statistical analysis, both at macro and microeconomic level, to provide our clients with a better understanding of global and local market environments.

Market Entry Studies

We help clients assess new markets for their products and services, evaluate market size and growth potential, identify customer groups, understand competitors and their strategies, explore distribution channels, and identify potential partners.

Competitive Benchmarking

We conduct extensive qualitative and quantitative research to provide our clients with a clear understanding of where their business stands within the context of the overall market, in comparison to their competitors and in relation to their stated goals.

Predictive Analysis

We conduct predictive analysis studies to lay out the future trends of our clients’ industries. Additionally, our economic analysis expertise helps to drill into the global market trends that will affect our clients’ businesses.

Thought Leadership

We help clients leverage their visibility amid millions of competing messages by developing content that can be published as white labeling or co-branded reports. We help them deliver relevant information to gain credibility and exposure in the marketplace.

We support our clients in:
Identifying new market opportunities
Assessing competitive positioning
Improving market visibility
Monitoring market developments and trends
Understanding global and local environments


Gaining a competitive edge


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Dariush Yazdani

Dariush Yazdani

Partner, Global AWM Market Research Centre Leader, PwC Luxembourg

Tel: +352 49 48 48 2191

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