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Since 2005, the AWM Market Research Centre has been providing global clients and PwC stakeholders with state of the art insights based on qualitative and quantitative research spanning across the entire global Asset & Wealth Management landscape.

Based out of PwC Luxembourg, the Market Research Centre‚Äôs diverse and highly skilled team of analysts, economists, investment writers and market experts assists the entire asset and wealth management ecosystem from decision-making to operationalisation. By providing market-leading insights, analyses and thought leadership reports, we can assist you and your organization make the right decisions at the right time. 

Our structured, research-based analysis sheds light on the multiple factors affecting your business. Our dedicated team of experts is here to help you:

Identify new market opportunities
Assess competitive positioning
Improve your market visibility
Monitor market developments and trends
Understand global and local environments


Understand your competitors


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Dariush Yazdani

Dariush Yazdani

Partner, Global AWM Market Research Centre Leader, PwC Luxembourg

Tel: +352 49 48 48 2191

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