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Our Global Fund Distribution (GFD) service has over 17 years of experience in bringing out the best in fund promoters' visions for distribution in foreign markets. Not only do we understand the interconnected processes and specific local and international resources required for multijurisdictional distribution, we also have the strategic backbone of the world’s leading professional services firm in our DNA to help you maximise your assets, benefit from economies of scale, and grow your business opportunities.

We currently cover more than 40 countries, thus creating a powerful and efficient multijurisdictional solution. The deep knowledge and experience of our GFD team supported by our extensive network of local distribution experts where necessary, provides you with a single point of contact for all aspects of your fund distribution activity.

Importantly, it is our client focus that has contributed most to our standing as the market leader in cross border value added services. We tailor our solutions according to the distribution footprint of your funds, to meet your operational needs and free up your internal resources. We are convinced that our expertise in designing, implementing, and maintaining distribution strategies would not be as effective as it is without this flexibility.


Our services

Distribution Strategy

A robust and well-designed distribution strategy should identify the specific requirements and best practices of each local target market for the funds you wish to institute. Our analysis of local markets, key distribution channels and current best practices will help you to develop a distribution strategy that will maximise your opportunities for success.

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UCITS Market Entry

We have developed a fast and well-structured process to register your funds in all the jurisdictions you wish to target for public distribution. Our fully customisable service approach will ensure that you understand all requirements to achieve market entry, and are assisted with the preparation of a detailed step-by-step plan, a realistic timetable, the entire registration process and any follow-up required by local regulators.

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Regulatory Reporting

Your funds need to maintain their authorisation for distribution in each target market. We ensure they satisfy all ongoing regulatory reporting obligations, including prospectus updates, new product launches, KIIDs and financial statement submissions - all to assure investors of the fund's continued market authorisation. Tailored to your specific requirements and supported by our specifi cally designed web tools, this reporting module offers a competent and comprehensive approach to meeting your requirements.

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3W Market Intelligence & Flash News

Our online Market Intelligence tool - 3W Fund Distribution Watch - covers more than 35 distribution markets and topics critical to cross-border fund distribution. It is fully supported by our global network of local fund specialists offering their expert knowledge of fund distribution.
We also publish Flash News on a regular basis, covering the key aspects of the cross-border distribution world. Sent once a week, the Flash News Alert summarises all the news we published during the last seven days. Every two months, we also release our 3W Fund Distribution Watch PDF report. Follow us on Twitter "@PwC_3W" to get an idea about the kind of Flash News we provide.

Discover more our integrated Watch services 3W.

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AIF Distribution

We can offer you full assistance with the entire AIFMD notification process concerning the "marketing passport" or the National Private Placement Regime in each Member State and with all of your AIFs. Our action plan may include a gap analysis, proposals and recommendations to be in line with all AIFMD requirements. We also make sure your funds meet all ongoing regulatory reporting obligations. This approach delivers a robust and comprehensive solution tailored to your situation.

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Market Publication

We understand the fund publication obligations and best practices imposed on your fund platform by all target market regulations. Besides fully integrated market entry and publication processes, we also ensure that ongoing publication is timely and accurate, and that changes to your product range are accurately reflected where they need to be.

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Distributor Due Diligence

As an independent expert on cross-border distribution, we can provide assistance with the initial selection of distributors, assessing their compliance with contractual obligations and regulations, benchmarking their efficiency, as well as surveying their needs, requirements and concerns.

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ETF Listing

GFD has devised a turnkey solution for your ETF funds requiring both registration and stock exchange listing. We combine a quick and efficient market entry and stock exchange listing with ongoing stock exchange reporting, all seamlessly coordinated to deliver a timely and effective ETF service.

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Tax Reporting Coordination

Some target markets have tax reporting requirements that may disadvantage local investors in your fund unless they are satisfied. These rules can be complex but our local tax experts will ensure that such calculations are completed accurately and submitted or published on a timely basis. GFD can coordinate the tax reporting process for you by working with our Luxembourg-based tax team, especially if several countries are involved.

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Global Fund Distribution Poster - 2017 edition

The PwC Market Research Centre has just released the 18th edition of its annual Global Fund Distribution Poster. Since its first edition, the annual poster has become a reference tool for asset managers who need a quick overview of the global cross-border fund market.

Explore the data

This year again, you can access a selection of data from the paper version directly on your smartphone, tablet or laptop: check the key findings on the go, anywhere and at any time by having a look at our web-based platform, and discover additional content, including the points of view of our Partners.

If you would like to order a hardcopy of the poster, we will be pleased to have your request by email to


3W - Fund Distribution Watch

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Your business is rapidly growing and you need to keep up with its pace. Information about new rules and requirements, new taxes and new tools flood your daily activity.
Our "3W - Fund Distribution Watch reports" recap on a bi-monthly basis all key fund distribution-related topics and covers more than 30 countries to get ready for upcoming challenges. This information is collected, prepared and constantly maintained by the PwC network of fund experts.

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