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People, Experience and Change is a community of experts whose capabilities are focused to address people related challenges across the organisation and across industries.

Our vision is to enable our clients with our diverse set of skills and expertise to achieve a greater People centricity so as to ensure change is implemented and strategy is executed.

We differentiate ourselves in our approach as we are focused on listening and understanding our clients’ pain points and we proactively co-create and co-innovate solutions where the people have a role to play in designing the most relevant operating models for a better experience.

How we can help

User Experience

Do you ever wonder what could drive your employees to become more involved in your success story? Or how your product or service can really meet the needs of your customers? Whether you're looking to create a new product or for opportunities to improve your service from a human-centric perspective, our user experience experts are here to help you co-create the best possible experience with and for your employees and customers to achieve higher engagement rates to meet your business goals. Listening to the voice of your users will make you better in your marketplace.

Our services:

  • User research and analysis
  • User journey mapping
  • Product and service Design Sprint process
  • User and usability testing
  • Rapid wireframe and interactive prototyping
  • Design Thinking & Design Sprint process
  • Creation and facilitation of ideation workshops

Innovation & Agility

How well do you understand the stakes of digital transformation? How do you embrace the  advantages of digitalisation for your business? How do you concentrate on the added-value tasks of your employees? We at PwC can assist you with answering these kinds of questions. From strategy through execution to the solution adoption, we help you shape a business strategy that fits the digital age. We bring innovation in all steps of the transformation to deliver revenue growth and gain operational efficiency. 
Digital disruption is impacting more industries, at a faster pace than ever. Don't be late to innovate!

Our services:

  • Digital transformation from strategy (vision and alignment) to delivery
  • Modern delivery (focus on delivering value, continuous improvement, adoption of solutions…)
  • Agile transformation (coaching and delivery)

  • Digital maturity assessment
  • Process optimisation (innovation and solution focused)

HR Excellence

Do you wonder how to innovate your HR process? How you can leverage basic HR administration to become high-performing? Moving beyond the traditional operational role, the HR function has become increasingly strategic as an essential partner within organisations. By designing the right processes, you will make the most of your people's potential while increasing the organisation’s performance. Our HR excellence service offers support to design and drive human capital initiatives that will translate your mission, vision and strategic goals into practice.

Our services:

  • HR Audit & HR processes
  • Competency framework
  • HR Policies & employee handbooks
  • Employee engagement
  • Occupational health of which mental resilience

  • Interim HR Management (various roles)
  • Social dialogue / staff delegation implementation
  • Social & job maintenance plans
  • Diversity & Inclusion strategy 

Reward & Regulations

Do multiplying legalisations, complex circulars and new labour law changes have you at a standstill? Or, do you need punctual technical expertise to assist you in your HR Reward and Compensation and Benefit projects? Are you looking for advice to align your remuneration policy with the pay transparency rules emanating from CRD5 or ESG and how you can report on them based on GRI standards? Do you want to tackle the global agenda (SDG 5 and 10)? You can ask for a Gender Pay Gap measurement and analysisOur team of Reward experts are available to assist you in a wide range of People Reward and Regulation topics. We support our clients in their Compensation & Benefits and Reward projects to encompass the most important elements: strategy, transformation, optimisation and compliance.

Our services:

  • Remuneration and Benefit Benchmarks & Club Surveys
  • Remuneration/Reward Policies and Plans (Salary Grids, Benefit Selection and Implementation, etc.)
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement Advisory
  • Gender Pay Gap Measurement and Analysis
  • Job Grading (Job Evaluation) Projects: STRATA Methodology© and REMeasure© Tool & Methodology
  • HR Due Diligence & Compliance Review
  • Regulatory Reward Compliance: CRD V, AIFM directive, UCITS, Investment Firm Directive, Circulars 11/505 /CRDIII), 15/622 (CRDIV), 17/658 (EBA guidelines), 12/552, 20/758 (management body assessment), 21/769 (teleworking), etc.
    • Policy Creation and/or Reviews
    • Gap Analysis
    • Recommendations for optimisation and compliance
    • Technical advice
    • Jointly working with Tax teams to create your short-term incentive plans (STIP) and long-term incentive plans (LTIP) in compliance with the required regulations.

Organisational Change

Have you ever developed a new tool, process or way of working that was perfect on paper but didn’t work in reality? If yes, you are not alone: studies have shown that most transformations do not reach the expected results, and the number one reason is employee resistance or lack of adoption. We specialise in managing the people's side of change, following a proven methodology with tangible deliverables that is tailored to your specific needs. 

Our services:

  • Change management strategies and execution
  • Operational excellence assessment and implementation (e.g. lean management and process mining)
  • Evolution of organisational culture 

  • Stakeholder engagement support
  • Assessment and alignment roadmap between the organisation and its strategy

Talent Solutions

Executives and HR professionals aim at creating a working environment where people can reach their natural best. To make this happen, leadership behaviour is crucial and soft skills are priceless. But what exactly are the skills your leaders need in this fast-changing world? And how can one measure these competences, find the gaps and upskill leaders? Our Talent Solutions experts will partner with you to assess competencies, develop and retain your people, and also to identify and acquire talents with the skills your organisation needs. 

Our services:

  • Executive search
  • Recruitment outsourcing
  • Assessment & development centres
  • Psychometric testing
  • Coaching (individual/ group)
  • Mentoring programmes

  • Development plans
  • Outplacement
  • Board assessment 
  • Individual profiling, job and training matching solutions 
  • Alternative conflict resolution and mediation

People Analytics

How do you ensure that you apply the right strategy to forecast your upcoming need for talents? Moreover, do you have accurate data to reshape your workforce and perform successfully in a constantly changing environment driven by technology? The way we work is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Accelerated technological development, demographic shifts, evolving regulation and other factors are reshaping the employment landscape. In this increasingly complex world, organisations need to predict and analyse the future workforce supply and demand, as well as the competencies required to stay relevant on the market. Our people-analytics experts will partner with you to unlock the power of data-led insights that support your strategic workforce decisions. 

Our services:

  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Talent analytics (gap, supply and demand analyses, studies)

  • Workforce assessments or surveys
  • Labor market analyses and policy design, reviews, and more

HR Technology

The greatest asset a company can have are its people and in the digital era, the importance of technology for HR services has grown tremendously. At PwC Luxembourg we keep the people in the company at the core as we help transform the technology which empowers them.

We leverage our knowledge in various fields like Payroll, Learning and Development, Time tracking, Compensation etc, and our skills in Project management, Risk diagnosis, Process improvement and Systems Integration to provide the best HR solutions for organisations. We have vast experience with implementing top cloud technologies (Workday HR, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM Cloud, Cornerstone, Metrilio etc.) and providing post implementation support .

Our services:

  • HRIS diagnosis 
    We support our clients by assessing their HRIS and identifying risks and improvements.
  • HR processes review and optimisation
    Processes are critical in any organisation, we make sure our clients’ processes are well configured, optimized and bring ideal experiences to all stakeholders. 
  • RFP writing support and tools selection
    As HRIS specialists we bring our expertise and market’s best practices to help our clients in their RFP writing and in the tool selection process.
  • Tools implementation
    This is the heart of our practice: implementing any type of HR solutions for our clients. We bring our functional and technical knowledge to make sure solutions are well configured and well adopted. 
  • Project Management
    We help organisations to meet their projects deadlines and expectations both in terms of budget and expected quality (and adoption). 

People Process Outsourcing (PPO)

We support our clients with their Payroll and HR administrative activities via our online HR service platform, ensuring permanent support and complementary assistance.

Our services:

  • Optimise your employees' salary package
  • Provide quality and compliant payroll in due time
  • National and international legal and tax rules

Work together with The REMsuite® tools

At PwC Luxembourg, we have chosen to partner with REMchannel (PTY) LTD, to provide you with tools which empower you as an HR practitioner, to carry out your Job Profiling, Job Grading, or Remuneration Benchmarking projects, in full autonomy.

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