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Welcome to Financial Services: What’s up? Podcast – your go-to destination for unravelling the mysteries of the financial services sector in Luxembourg and beyond.

In this dynamic series, co-hosts Björn Ebert and Sandra Paulis navigate the complexities of the financial sector with a focus on Asset Management, Banking and Capital Markets as well as Insurance.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newcomer, our mission is to provide timely insights into the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, offering specialist analysis, diverse perspectives, and the latest information on pressing industry topics.

Join us for in-depth discussions, specialist interviews, and actionable strategies that go beyond the surface, aiming to enhance your knowledge and contribute to continuous learning and development. 

Season 1

Deep dive into 20/750

Ep2: Valuation Insights: Navigating Market Trends and Regulatory Landscape

In this episode, Sandra and Björn, your co-hosts, discuss with Samir Moussaoui, PwC's Valuations Director, about the latest trends and challenges in the valuation landscape. From navigating market volatility to understanding regulatory updates, the conversation offers valuable insights on the impact on valuation practices across various asset classes. 

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Deep dive into 20/750

Ep1: The new context

Join us on the debut episode of 'Financial Services: What's Up?' as hosts Sandra and Björn kick off a dynamic conversation with Dariush Yazdani, Global AWM & ESG Market Research Centre Leader in Luxembourg, delving into the current macroeconomic landscape and its impact on the financial sector. Discover key economic indicators, insights into inflation rates, and challenges and opportunities for the industry's future growth. 

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