Luxembourg based insurance companies are facing a challenging environment making it hard to achieve efficient growth whilst dealing with the deluge of tax and regulatory changes. Insurers need to innovate and to develop new markets and new products to drive growth. PwC has developed tailor-made solutions to help them grow.

We have developed a complete end-to-end offering enabling insurance companies to ensure that their existing portfolios are fully compliant with tax and regulatory requirements, to enhance their positioning, to develop new client solutions and to enter new markets. We can help insurers to intensify their sales performance.

Insurance companies would benefit from leveraging new technologies to enter untapped markets in a fast and efficient manner whilst anticipating market changes in an agile fashion. We will review, improve and monitor the performance of insurers' business operations to reduce costs and create a sustainable improvement of their services and processes. We address core business operations as well as the corporate functions. We can help insurance companies to increase their profitability.

We have a combined experience of sound insurance industry professionals and highly expert consultants covering new market entry, new product development, portfolio regularisation, business development together with tax, regulatory, risks, actuarial and compliance expertise across the PwC network. This is convenient, efficient and expedient to your needs.

Our Services

Corporate Finance

  • We also perform book quality review.
  • We ensure that the insurer's books are in in compliance by reviewing the Tax transparency & AML /KYC compliance assessment.
  • We perform the analysis of current and past operations compliance with tax transparency and regulatory framework.
  • We assess the risk management procedures, identifying and prioritising the potential risk areas.
  • We help companies to implement plans in case of a potential need for regularisation.

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We support you in the reviewing and the defining of your business strategy with the objective of creating a sustainable competitive advantage and develop opportunities for the future growth of your organisation.

Your challenges:

  • Increase your market share, create competitive advantages
  • Adapt your business to market evolutions
  • Anticipate emerging trends
  • Identify new market opportunities
  • Define your goals and strategy
  • Ensure scalability and sustainable profitability
  • Increase your distribution cover

Our solutions:

  • EU & Non-EU market analysis / on boarding feasibility analysis
  • Tax and regulatory landscape assessment
  • New market development strategy / methodology
  • Market opportunity qualifications: country studies, market participants’ interviews aimed to measure opportunities, design the approach to fit distributors needs and the insurer corporate strategy
  • Global marketing, customers’ segmentation & distribution strategy

Our contacts:

Matt Moran - Partner
Tel.: +352 49 48 48 2071

François Génaux - Partner
Tel.: +352 49 48 48 4175

Product and Market Development

We support you in expanding new products or services and placing them into existing markets. We help you in identifying and promoting new market segments for current products.

Your challenges:

  • Generate new business opportunities and enter untapped markets
  • Adapt your solutions to market needs evolution
  • Manage the complexity driven by regulation changes
  • Comply with (local) tax and regulatory requirements when on boarding non EU resident customers and /or when customers are relocating
  • Increase competitiveness: launch new and innovative products
  • Adapt your operational capability and systems to products changes

Our solutions

Market & products health check:

  • Review existing portfolios by country
  • Tax and regulatory analysis
  • Portfolios regularisation needs: analysis and implementation
  • Product maintenance and adaption

New product development:

  • Target market tax and regulatory constraints and attributes analysis
  • Pre-contractual documentation review and amendment*
  • Non-EU residents on boarding feasibility analysis
  • Life insurance solutions portability analysis
  • Back office It systems adaptation

* will refers to a footnote mentioning (*) : in partnership with PwC global network

InsurTech & Digital Transformation

Digital disruption is impacting more industries, at a faster pace than ever.

Business leaders we talk to are often unclear about how digital impacts their business and the threats and opportunity it brings. Where do you stand?

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Operations Performance

We help you review, improve and monitor the performance of your business operations to reduce costs and create a sustainable improvement of your services and processes. We address core business operations as well as the corporate functions.

Your challenges:

  • Measure, manage and improve your business operational performance
  • Optimise your efficiency;
  • Lead the change management;
  • Manage the complexity driven by regulation changes;
  • Improve your operational / IT systems flexibility
  • Monitor your global organisation
  • Improve your operational / IT systems flexibility

Our solutions

Performance improvement

  • Global organisation analysis
  • Gap analysis and new procedure implementation
  • Efficiency optimisation
  • Activity-based costing analysis enabling the identification of operational cost per policy
  • Definition of new / target operating models
  • Automation recommendations and implementation assistance
  • Operational / back office processes & procedures review and improvement
  • IT business processes specifications
  • Implementation of innovative full service, digitally enabled policies administration platform

Our contacts:

Matt Moran - Partner
Tel.: +352 49 48 48 2071

Regulatory & Compliance

The insurance industry has been going through unprecedented regulatory changes in the recent years, and the regulatory agenda remains robust for the foreseeable future, with over 90% of Insurance CEOs worldwide seeing over-regulation as the main threat to future growth.

Increased compliance costs are today's reality for insurers and reinsurers, and those that will thrive to leverage now upon these changes to rethink their organisation, transform their operations and review their strategy will be tomorrow's front runners.

Embedding the compliance function in the future into the strategic thinking is more than ever key to gain the critical edge and competitive advantage.

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You are a finance industry player (asset managers, bankers and insurers) who manufactures financial products (e.g. Investment funds, Life-insurance products, structured products, derivatives etc.) sold to retail clients ? Then you will need to provide a KID (Key Information Document) to your final clients prior to the sale and the deadline is short.

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One of the new ambitions that the GDPR promotes is to give natural persons residing in the EU, the "data subjects", an increased level of control over their information. It also aims to improve the environment by ensuring that data controllers and processors are safe custodians of data through promoting behavioural change. The GDPR provides for enhanced supervision by increasing the powers of the regulator as champion of the data.

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Actuarial Services

We provide insights and solutions for all businesses that face significant and complex risks, not just insurers and reinsurers.

Our risk and analytical skills along with our predictive insights help our clients to act decisively on the issues that really matter.

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Setting up for (re)insurance business in Luxembourg

A key pillar of the Luxembourg financial centre, the insurance and reinsurance sector has established itself as a major insurance and reinsurance market within the EU, notably through its highly recognised expertise in the cross-border the distribution of insurance products under EU rules on freedom to provide services and freedom of establishment.

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