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Season 3

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Ep12: The One on the Internet of Things

This episode, which marks the end of our emerging tech series, shines a light on the fast-growing technology of the Internet of Things. Our guest is Amal Tawakuli, doctoral researcher at the University of Luxembourg and winner of the 2019 Zonta Women in Technology Scholarship.

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Ep11: The One where get real about AR and VR

On this episode, we speak with Roderick Mc Call, lead researcher at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, about the world of Virtual and Augmented Reality, a world where (almost) anything is possible.

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Ep10: The One on Drones

Ep10: The One on Drones

On this episode, we discuss the "buzzing" topic of drones and how it's revolutionising various industries, with Jose Luis Sanchez Lopez, Head of the Aerial Robotics Lab at the University of Luxembourg.

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episode 9

Ep9: The One on Entrepreneurship and the Importance of Guidance

This episode looks into the role played by public and private institutions in supporting and empowering entrepreneurship, with Daniela Cedola and Catherine Frideres. 

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The One on Privacy in a Pandemic

Ep8: The One on Privacy in a Pandemic

On this episode of #PwCTechTalk, we speak with Frédéric Vonner, Privacy Leader at PwC Luxembourg, about how the pandemic is affecting data privacy and what we can do about it.

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back to work

Ep7: The One where We Return to the Office

On this week's episode, we discuss the post Covid19 workplace. We talk about exit strategy and what this means for businesses with our guest Lieven Lambrecht, Head of HR at PwC Luxembourg.  

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Ep6: The One on E-Signature

On this edition of TechTalk, we speak to Xavier Lisoir about electronic signature, a technology that is being rapidly adopted around the world, especially in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic.

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Ep5: The One on Blockchain, its past and future

On this episode of TechTalk, entrepreneur and blockchain expert, Dimitrij Gede talks about the technology's possible Japanese origins and its worldwide future.

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Ep4: The One on AI, paperclips and ethics

On today's episode, Thomas Kallstenius, CEO of Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, explains why AI needs to learn ethics so we can avoid a paperclips apocalypse.

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Ep3: The One on Robotics

On this week’s episode, Miguel Olivares Mendez, Head of the Space Robotics Research Group at the University of Luxembourg, talks to us about robotics and how it's making our life easier and not just here on earth, but in space, too.

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Ep2: The One on 3D printing

What really is 3D printing? Can you 3D print food? Will there be a 4D printing one day? Answers to these and more on this week's TechTalk with Dr. Damien Lenoble from LIST.

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Ep1: The One on the "Essential Eight"

The third season of PwCTechTalk will explore the adventures of the "Essential Eight": core technologies that will matter most for business, across every industry, over the next three to five years. On this first episode, Xavier Lisoir, Managing Director, gives us an overview of these emerging technologies revolutionizing business now.

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