Casual Side - Season 1

Season 1

Ep7: The inclusion of LGBTQ community in the workplace

In this very special episode we have not only one but two guests for the very first time! We have Mary who works in our communications department and is a passionate supporter of all things LGBTQ+. And we have Armin from our Experience Centre who himself is a member of this community. We learn about PwCs programme called Shine, our dedicated events for pride month and how diversity and inclusion at the workplace evolved over the past decades.

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Ep6: Kicking-off your career during a pandemic

In this sixth episode, we welcome Olivia Rimek, working in our Advisory department. She started to work at PwC Luxembourg only eight months ago. We talk about her final year at university and her onboarding process at PwC, which both took place during the Covid19 pandemic. She details her first hand experience about joining the workforce in a mostly virtual environment and how we stay connected to our PwC people.

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Ep5: The impact of digitalisation on the workforce

In this fifth episode, we welcome Christian Scharff, leading the People & Organisation practise at PwC Luxembourg. We talk about the process of digital transformation within a company, what impact it has on the workforce and why upskilling is inevitable in order to get equipped with the right tools for your career development. Create your basket of soft, hard and digital skills and get a ticket for a prosperous future on your all one's life journey!

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Ep4: Work-life balance for women

In this fourth episode, we welcome Verena Loges who is not only a young and ambitious woman but also a mom of two. According to her, the secret ingredient is "just to do it"! During this episode, you will find out what it takes to live a happy life while juggling a successful career and your family life. 

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Ep3: Our environmental impact

In this third episode, we welcome our Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Leader, Valérie Arnold. We have a very transparent conversation about climate change and the environmental challenges we all must face to save our planet. We also talk about what PwC Luxembourg is doing in order to achieve a more sustainable way of doing business.

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Ep2: Flashback 2020

In this second episode, we welcome our Head of HR, Lieven Lambrecht. By a way of throwback, we revisit the stories of PwC Luxembourg's HR department during this challenging year. Find out if and why we have had to rethink our business model and ways of thinking to transform challenges into opportunities. 

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ransom ware

Ep1: Who we are and what we stand for!

In this very first PwC's casual side episode, we welcome our CEO John Parkhouse. Travelling from London to New York, Luxembourg is at least for now the final destination of his professional journey. During this episode you will find out why he decided to stay in this tiny yet incredibly charming country within the heart of Europe. We talk about the values of our firm, specifically how we care about our people & and our clients. We also get a first insight into the social life at PwC, our diversity and inclusion projects as well as some of our future steps into an even more sustainable direction.

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