Audit and Assurance

Our Assurance group provides assurance on the financial performance and operations of your business.

We actually deliver at two levels:

  • For the shareholders/owners: independent opinions and reports that provide assurance on the financial statements.
  • For management: observations and recommendations on financial reporting, accounting, tax and internal control issues from our professionals, including sharing industry best practices.

We are able to create an efficient audit strategy due to both the size of our practice and our deep, diverse experience and understanding of operational, industrial and service companies, and public sector clients.

We have in-depth experience in statutory and contractual audits at standalone level and/or of consolidated accounts under Luxembourg legal and regulatory requirements (Luxembourg GAAP). We can also help your business improve its external financial reporting and adapt to new regulatory requirements such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

In addition to the audit of financial statements, our assurance services include:

  • Reviewing engagements in the context of interim dividend, contribution in kind, merger, liquidations, review of interim financial information;

  • Special reports;

  • Agreed upon procedures reports.

Risk Assurance Services

Today's business environment is more complex than ever. More automated. More connected. More virtual. With these advances comes opportunity, but also risk.

Our Risk Assurance Services team works with companies across all three lines of defence:

  • Internal Audit (Cosourcing, Outsourcing, assessment)

  • Business resilience / Crisis Management

  • Process Intelligence

  • Data assurance

  • Governance, risk and control frameworks

  • Controls Assessment

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