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Harness a digital workforce to free-up your talent from repetitive mundane tasks and focus on your core business instead! Drive your operations more efficiently and stay ahead of competition.

What is Robotic Process Automation ?

Robotic Process Automation is the new automation solution for your operations providing substantial efficiency gains to stay ahead of competition.

RPA is an innovative software that automates repetitive tasks usually performed by humans. It mimics employees' actions between your different applications such as: navigating a screen, opening and closing programs, copy-pasting, sending e-mails, searching the Internet, capturing and transferring data, reading PDF files and much more!

RPA automates transactions between your different systems.
It works as a  cross-systems, cross-applications binder to better manage and visualise your processes with an end-to-end approach.

RPA is an agile solution operating on top of your current systems and applications landscape without changing it.

Following earlier solutions for process optimisation such as Macros, ERP automation and BPM, RPA offers an even higher level of automation at lower costs and higher efficiency.


RPA's unique functionality to move between systems allows it to be implemented across departments including Finance&Accounting, HR, IT and Customer Service among others. 



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Robotic process automation (RPA)

RPA can be applied to any department, in any industry and any company



To sum it up

A 24/7, flexible and scalable virtual workforce that not only cuts costs but reduces errors and security risks in favor of value-added activities.

What challenges can RPA address in your business?


Comply with controls and regulatory requirements

Meet high customer expectations while keeping costs and risks at bay


Find an alternative to outsourcing & offshoring


Avoid errors and re-work


Allocate your human workforce on value-added jobs


Go beyond ERP and standard automation

Improve your operations and your employees' satisfaction at the same time


Simplify interactions between all your systems

PwC, thanks to RPA, will help you to overcome these challenges.

What kind of tangible benefits can you expect from RPA?

With RPA, benefit from a quick Return On Investment to boost your operations' agility and efficiency while improving your employees' satisfaction.


  • Very fast ROIs within months (average 6-9 months)
  • One RPA software costs only a fraction of a FTE and can work 24/7/365
  • Typical cost reduction of 35-65% for onshore processing and of 10-30% for offshore delivery
  • Zero spend on customising existing or new systems
  • Better & faster service delivery (up to 100% accuracy rate & reduction of up to 90% in cycle times)


  • Improved governance & compliance through embedded rules and controls on processes
  • Rapid non-invasive implementation (within weeks)
  • Highly scalable and flexible virtual workforce
  • Agile reporting capabilities to generate in-depth insights and analytics on visual dashboards
  • Enhanced process quality, increased capacity and productivity


  • Improve customer satisfaction by improving your customer experience
  • Employees will act as virtual workforce managers, monitoring robots and handling exceptions
  • Minimise manual intervention, errors and rework to enable your employees to focus on value-added tasks
  • Decreased fluctuation rate
  • Capability to do what operational teams otherwise wouldn't

Where is RPA on the Artificial Intelligence landscape?

RPA is the beginning of the automation maturity model towards Artificial Intelligence.

  • More and more companies are integrating RPA, it has been rated a top 5 opportunity for C-levels in large organisations,
  • Now is the best time to adopt it. Companies that wait too long to adopt RPA risk being left behind their competition,
  • Every new automation solution will work together with RPA to automate most of your processes.


RPA is not the future, it's now!


How can we help you?

This is how we'll support you along your RPA journey:



Get a quick Proof of Concept (POC) first

In a matter of days, our consultants will use RPA to automate one of your basic processes to quickly demonstrate the capabilities of RPA and how it can benefit your business!

Before deploying our RPA end-to-end strategy and implementation capabilities, we'd like to sit next to you and show you live how RPA applies to your business.
In order to do this, our RPA team will help you identify one simple process you have that is a good candidate for RPA. Then, our RPA Developer will modelise your process in our RPA software and automate it!

We truly believe that by doing this you will better understand what RPA actually does and realize its potential for your operations.

We'll work with you, hand in hand, to make sure your business makes the most of RPA.


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