Emerging technologies and new services

New technologies are disrupting business as usual.

Technology is evolving at breakneck speed and is already defining what’s next. Emerging technologies are the building blocks of tomorrow's business and will have a profound global impact on employees, customers and society.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, and the internet of things are real game changers and are evolving fast. PwC Luxembourg can help you understand and put these technologies to work, so you can be the disruptor, not the disrupted. We work with you to research, co-create, prototype, test, and deploy new services and solutions powered by the latest technological advances.

How we help put emerging technology to work

Discover new ways to transform your business

Emerging technology strategy needs to be a core part of every company’s corporate strategy. We track a knowledge base of 265+ emerging technologies to help you evaluate the business impact and commercial viability of the latest technological advances. Our dedicated technologists and industry specialists can help you create and implement your company's technological vision and strategies.

  • CTO support: technology vision and strategy
  • Technology and local and/or international providers (including startups) point of view, research and scouting
  • Market place approach definition
  • Build technology maturity wheel and governance that fits your organisation
  • Review current resource skills and define upskilling plan

Explore the Essential Eight technologies

Modern day digital businesses need to be swift and responsive to their customers’ demands. This may simply involve updating business features, up to creating/changing business models entirely. They must also be able to quickly add new elements to their digital offering, or change existing ones, while making sure that their service offering is reliable, scalable and secure.

To meet this demand and to overcome some of the associated challenges, today’s systems must be architected for flexible, fast and agile delivery. Modern application architectures aim at providing solutions to best respond to these challenges while introducing more opportunities for innovation and experimentation.

Our architects are dedicated to help you design your microservices and event-driven architecture to deliver the reliable and scalable ecosystem that your business needs. Together with our Cloud architects, we can help you unleash the power of public Cloud and its PaaS to construct disruptive and innovative API, services and applications.

Find out more on the Cloud services.

In an era of customer centricity and digital service, applications and their user interfaces are under stress to deliver an increasingly growing number of smart features and interaction possibilities to accommodate users' work/lifestyles, behaviours and habits.

Applications must keep being mobile and must include AI driven recommendation/decision engines, listen and understand the meaning of natural language and detect sentiments. Integrating such AI powered algorithms may not be as simple as it sounds. Our architects and engineers collaborate with our UX, Data and AI teams to develop the ultimate experience for your customers and employees.

User interfaces are also on the verge of delivering immersive experiences thanks to Augmented and/or Virtual Reality. At PwC Luxembourg, we strongly believe that AR and VR will have a substantial impact on the global economy. In our #Seeing is Believing report we estimate its contribution potential to EUR1.36 trillion  by 2030 and all technology makers have concrete initiatives. There is work to be done to ensure that these technologies deliver on their potential.
The value is there. The use cases exist today. We can support organisations  to not be complacent but start working, understanding and addressing valid concerns and issues around these technologies in order to unlock their full value:

  • Address cultural concerns
  • Focus on return on investment rather than cost
  • Improve the user experience

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Blockchain has the potential to powerfully disrupt many aspects of how businesses and economies work; even how societies are organised. This new paradigm is evolving and new use-cases are appearing every day disrupting complete value chains. It forces companies and organisations to reconsider their service offering, how they manage trust and redefine what makes them distinctive. We help you throughout your blockchain journey, from demystifying concepts, to identifying and addressing the most impactful business problems, determining appropriate blockchain solutions, and finally to be disruptive.

See how PwC can support and guide you in this multi-dimensional journey.

Intelligent Enterprise is a unique opportunity in the market to drive generational and digital shifts in the business, operational and technology imperatives of organisations. A successful intelligent enterprise is one that treats automation as more than just a technology and realises its impact on all areas of the business - the people, the culture and the processes. Our front to back digitalisation holistic approach focuses on achieving strategic coherence between people, process and technology. This coupled with our various perspectives and expertise, can help you on your journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise.

See how PwC can support and guide you to revisit your processes.

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