Blockchain and crypto-assets

Disrupt with confidence. Evolve with impact. Lead with dedicated expertise. By working with us, you harness the business potential of blockchain and crypto-assets.

Blockchain & crypto-assets are ready for business. 

Increasing trust and transparency, delivering efficiency gains or growth across business in most industries and sectors as well as in societies is at the core of blockchain and crypto-assets value proposition.

But how can you harness all this potential? We are here to help you.

We deliver blockchain and cryto-assets solutions that reflect your specific business needs, and provide trust, transparency, and security. Together, we can differentiate your business and help you set the stage for future growth, with confidence.

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PwC Luxembourg embraces crypto-payments

The underlying concepts

Blockchain is a tamper-proof distributed ledger of validated and cryptographically secured transactions linked by algorithms. It is associated with benefits such as: reduction of costs, complexity, and fraud; strengthened alignment through shared, trusted transactions; improved audit trail, transparency; and enhanced security and data integrity. 

Crypto-assets are a key application of this general purpose technology and translate the concept of value in the digital world, providing new ways of transacting and transforming business and operating models.

What is your need? Our experts are here to support you.

I am looking for basic understanding of blockchain and crypto-assets concepts.

I am looking for an in-depth exploration of use cases applicable to my industry.

I am looking to fund my business using crypto-assets or to bring liquidity to some of my existing assets.



I am looking for a strategic assessment of blockchain and crypto-assets for my business.

I am looking for assurance and risk assurance services applied to blockchain and crypto-assets business.

I am looking for accounting, regulatory & structuring services specific to my use of blockchain and crypto-assets.

Our PwC products

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Supporting the audit of crypto-assets

Halo for Blockchain

Leading the way in providing assurance services to clients engaging in cryptocurrency activities

Halo is a PwC tool especially designed to provide audit and other assurance services to clients holding or transacting in cryptocurrency.

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Blockchain solution for supply chain

Smart Trace

Track and trace solution enabling easy third party integration as well as provenance for products, documents

Smart Trace is a modular track and trace solution built by PwC, to increase transparency over multi-party supply chains. It can be applied to various use cases and situations such as good tracing, inventory management, food integrity.

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Blockchain solution for credentials management

Smart Credentials

Trusted, secure and tamper-proof credentials in real time

Smart Credentials, a blockchain platform that allows credentials to be issued (digital certificates licenses…), carried and shared globally in real time, providing frictionless proof of ownership and authenticity.

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PwC's Academy courses

Understand the basics

PwC’s Academy is an entity specialised in training and development. As a starting point, we have developed two comprehensive training courses dedicated to blockchain & crypto-assets which can be tailored to your specific needs on demand.

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Blockchain and crypto-assets Experience Day

Leverage blockchain & crypto-assets for your business

PwC's Experience Day is our programme for top priority clients. It is a journey of co-creating innovative solutions to actual business problems you are facing.

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Association Memberships

We are members of local and international associations to promote and develop the blockchain & crypto-assets ecosystem.


Board member of Letzblock, the Luxembourg Blockchain and DLT association which aims to promote and connect the thriving Luxembourg blockchain ecosystem.


Member of Infrachain, which strives to develop a community-driven governance for operational blockchain use. Through this membership, we have access to INATBA, a European association which aims to promote, support, and develop blockchain crypto assets and maintain a permanent dialogue with the European bodies.

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Meet the Infrachain members: PwC Luxembourg

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