Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Evolve with impact. Lead with dedicated expertise. Disrupt with confidence. By working with us, you harness the business potential of blockchain and crypto-assets.

Blockchain and crypto-assets underpin various forms of commerce such as payments, contracts and agreements, record keeping, reconciliation and settlement.

Consequently, they have attracted attention of various stakeholders globally and are considered to have the potential of transforming a range of sectors such as financial services including asset management, public services, industry 4.0, space and aeronautics as well as supply chains.

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Your Challenges

1. Is time to market becoming key to your business’ success?

2. Does your value chain comprise several intermediaries, adding complexity and costs?

3. Do you see your customer’s preferences changing and a need to enhance interactions?

4. Are digital competitors disrupting your business?

5. Are you exploring new ways to create further liquidity and to diversify risks?

6. Do you want to simplify client on-boarding processes?

7. Will improved transparency and traceability build further trust within your value chain?

Blockchain and crypto-assets are an ideal solution to address these challenges efficiently and effectively. Their adoption is expected to not only streamline operational processes and reduce market frictions but also minimise transaction costs with automated, trustworthy and instantaneous verification of required transaction attributes. Moreover, by creating decentralised market infrastructures, blockchain diminishes the costs for networking and improves censorship-resistance as well as data protection.

By harnessing numerous use cases developed within our global network, it is evident that blockchain and crypto-assets are creating various paths for transformation as well as economic and societal growth, and with great enthusiasm and efforts, we at PwC Luxembourg are establishing service offerings that will help our clients in tapping the real potential of this disruptive domain.

How can we help: From strategy to execution

Our experts will employ a comprehensive approach to support your blockchain and crypto-assets efforts, whether you are a start-up establishing a governance framework, or a traditional financial organization aiming to digitally transform your business, or an institution providing blockchain based services.

  • Awareness sessions and dedicated trainings and workshops
  • Strategy, business cases, and roadmap
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Solution design
  • Value-added services and better customer experience
  • Go-to-Market strategy and implementation
  • Accounting, tax, legal, risk and governance
  • Assess the feasibility, effectiveness and efficiency of your solution



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