Ensuring the right foundations to stay ahead

In a constantly evolving environment, core services such as regulatory, structuring and technical accounting assistance are critical to blockchain and crypto-asset based businesses

Core services

Organisations using blockchain and/or crypto-assets as a basis for their services have easily found themselves in a challenging position with regards to many "core" areas such as regulatory and tax compliance, accounting, legal or cybersecurity to name a few. In such a fast evolving area, time to market and compliance are key and navigating uncertainty is not an easy task.

Acknowledging how efficiency and agility matter for structures like yours, PwC offers one-stop-shop solutions leveraging experts from these core areas who have subsequently specialised in this new technology.

Our services

Crypto-asset accounting

In the absence of generally accepted accounting standards for crypto-asset transactions, we help you to ensure appropriateness of accounting policies through a principle-based approach in terms of recognition, measurement and disclosure based on current state of international standards guidance and market practices.

  • Crypto-asset classification on balance sheet;
  • Assessment of measurement options;
  • Token offering considerations from the issuer and holder perspectives;
  • Crypto-asset fair valuation considerations and relevant disclosures requirements.


Regulatory & structuring services

While the convergence of regulation, business, and technology increases, we help you transform this complexity into competitive advantages.

Regulatory and structuring:

  • Conducting regulatory assessment for blockchain & crypto-asset business models;
  • Design of a tax-efficient group structure for your project;
  • Supporting with the organisational implementation of regulatory requirements;
  • Structuring and setting up corporate, asset management and investment fund structures.

Licensing projects:

  • Assisting end-to-end with obtaining the necessary license(s) to operate your blockchain and or crypto-asset based business in Luxembourg;
  • Drawing up internal policies and organisational measures.

Regulatory compliance:

  • Supporting ongoing regulatory compliance and implementation of mitigation measures, e.g. for KYC/AML/KYT.

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