Strategy and transformation

Cyber assurance/attestation

Your challenges
  • Is the business resilient to a cyber attack?
  • Which threats should you be the most concerned about?
  • Are there gaps in your cybersecurity capabilities?
  • Do you have the right controls in place to detect key risks?
  • Are we investing in the right areas?
What does it include
  • Readiness assessment of your Cybersecurity Risk Management Program;
  • Remediation assistance;
  • Support in the report preparation and writing;
  • Cybersecurity controls testing.
Key benefits
  • Enhance brand and reputation;
  • Provide transparency;
  • Assess program effectiveness;
  • Reduce communication and compliance burdens;
  • Allow flexibility in reporting.

Cybersecurity transformation

Your challenges
  • Do you want to undertake a comprehensive security assessment of your organisation?
  • Do you want to identify technical and organisational weaknesses?
  • Do you want to define an information security strategy aligned with your business objectives?
  • Do you want to achieve a security posture aligned to your security risks and objectives?
What does it include
  • Full assessment of your Cybersecurity maturity against PwC’s Cybersecurity framework;
  • Support in the definition of a security strategy to reach a security maturity level aligned to your expectations;
  • Roadmap to achieve this strategy, with detailed project sheets.
Key benefits
  • Cybersecurity strategy and objectives defined, aligned with business objectives and security initiatives; identified, prioritised, planned and explained to achieve these objectives.

Information Security Risk Management

Your challenges
  • Do you have a clear understanding of the risks impacting your data?
  • Do you regularly monitor risks to ensure your protective measures remain appropriate and adapted to the threats you face?
  • Are you aware of new risks arising from changes to your environment or external threats?
  • Are your risk management activities compliant with the latest regulations (e.g. GDPR, CSSF, etc.)?
What does it include
  • Outsourced risk management service that includes risk identification, assessment and reporting, run by our information security experts;
  • Risk assessments tailored to your context and information systems;
  • Assistance in developing risk treatment plans;
  • Access to a web-based risk management tool (MONARC), which includes a central risk register.
Key benefits
  • Timely access to threat intelligence feeds;
  • Risk management informed by technical expertise;
  • Standardised approach to risk management across the organisation.

Information Security Management System assessment & implementation

Your challenges
  • Do you want to have a detailed analysis of the gaps between your current security practices and best practices (ISO27001, ISO27002)?
  • Do you want to become compliant or certified with an internationally recognised security standard by implementing n Information Security Management System (ISMS)?
What does it include

An in-depth transformation process in three key phases:

  • Gap analysis of the current situation;
  • Implementation of the ISMS based on the tailored recommendations provided in the first phase;
  • Preparation for the certification, white audit and support to prepare documents and evidence for the auditors.

Each phase can be selected individually depending on your needs.

Key benefits
  • Detailed list of gaps and recommendations to achieve best practices;
  • Support for the development of security documentation and governance required for an ISMS;
  • Support for the deployment of security controls and procedures.

Network and Information Systems (NIS) Directive

Your challenges
  • Do you have a clear picture of your business’s priority operational and cyber risks?
  • Are you able to demonstrate compliance with the NIS Directive?
  • Are you aware of the significant fines you could face if not compliant with the NIS Directive?
What does it include

As an Operators of Essential Services (OES) / Digital Service Providers (DSP) you will need to:

  • Identify your in-scope network and information systems;
  • Achieve the outcomes set out by the NIS directive;
  • Report security incidents 'without undue delay';
  • Demonstrate compliance with cross-sector guidance produced by the national competent authorities (once published by ILR and CSSF).
Key benefits
  • Understand the level of cyber security maturity across your organisation;
  • Develop a roadmap to improve your maturity and prepare for NIS;
  • Build a defensible compliance position.

SWIFT Customer Security Program

Your challenges
  • Are you able to demonstrate compliance with the SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP v2021)?
  • Have you planned to attest your level of compliance against SWIFT CSP v2021 which includes 22 mandatory controls and 9 advisory controls?
  • Are you aware that by the end of 2021, customers are required to support their attestation with an independent assessment against the CSP controls?

What does it include

  • Compare what you have in place against the SWIFT framework, identify the discrepancies and the suitable corrective actions;
  • Provide an independent assessment against CSP v2021 as requested by SWIFT by the end of 2021;
Key benefits
  • Understand your level of compliance against SWIFT CSP v2021 and align your strategy accordingly;
  • Develop a roadmap to improve your SWIFT infrastructure maturity;
  • Obtain an independent assessment by end of 2021 as mandated by SWIFT. 

Threat Intelligence

Your challenges
  • Do you have the intelligence needed to inform your cyber security operations and strategy?

  • Have you been the victim of a data leak?

  • Have you been targeted by an advanced cyberattack?

  • Is there a critical vulnerability affecting components of your infrastructure?

What does it include?
  • Threat Intelligence Landscape

  • Breach Notification

  • Typosquatting Domain Monitoring

  • Critical Vulnerability & Exploit Watch

Key benefits
  • We help you make informed risk-based decisions through a strategic outlook on the threat landscape for specific sectors, geographies and markets.

  • We alert you the moment a data breach is detected, allowing you to quickly make effective and educated decisions.

  • We alert you when a typosquatting attempt is detected, allowing you to take the required measures to mitigate the social engineering attempts.

  • We alert you the moment we identify a new critical vulnerability that may affect perimeter components. 

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