Demand for infrastructure financing continues to increase as a result of the following major trends:

  • A shift towards sustainable infrastructure and new technologies as the number of renewable and clean energy projects announced increase by almost 4-fold over the past decade. Simultaneously, rapid digitalisation has called for a reflective shift in global infrastructure networks – with ICT infrastructure being in need of constant modernisation and upkeep in order to keep pace with the ever-accelerating sophistication of digital technologies;
  • Widening infrastructure gaps worldwide, as surging public debt levels – coupled with Infrastructure deficiencies highlighted by the pandemic – have rendered the current rate and scale of public investment to be vastly insufficient; and
  • Rapid urbanisation rates, the rise of megacities and legacy infrastructure challenges will increase the need for Infrastructure financing in the developing world. 

In the current turbulent macroeconomic conditions, with inflation and increasing interest rates, most asset classes are facing challenges while infrastructure assets provide an inflation hedge, showing resilience of the asset class and as such protection to investors. The low correlation with the other asset classes, steady yields, strong strategic market position coupled with stable demand, is proving to be an attractive opportunity to investors. 

At PwC Luxembourg, considering the growth of infrastructures funds (AuM) and in response to the above, we recognise infrastructure as an asset class and have formed a specialised dedicated team with various competences (advisory, valuation, tax, audit and ESG) in order to provide the foremost service to our clients and to further contribute to the development of the infrastructure industry in Luxembourg. 

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Why work with us?

We are helping most of the Infrastructure players with all types of investment vehicles and strategies, regardless of their sizes or renown. We have an extensive experience in contributing to our clients success at each stage of the life of their infrastructure investments. Our infrastructure team has over 100 experts from auditors, to accountants and advisors. 

We serve 8 of the 10 biggest Infrastructure Managers.

Why Luxembourg?

For many years, Luxembourg has been the location of choice for infrastructure asset managers to domicile their European investment platforms. However, in light of the potential consequences of Brexit, the change in the global tax landscape and the success of the Luxembourg limited partnership, the Grand Duchy is now the place to be for European and global infrastructure funds, leveraging the country’s vast experience and expertise in alternative investments and global fund distribution.


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