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Global Fund Distribution

As an Alternatives investment professional, marketing/offering your funds for distribution across Europe and further afield, you may need to notify your AIF(s) in the targeted host countries.

With the previous private placement regimes no longer viable, and ever-increasing scrutiny on reverse solicitation, the processes to be undertaken to market your AIFs are a lot more cumbersome than first imagined. Even when exclusively targeting professional investors, your AIF marketing documents must follow all local marketing and advertising requirements in all host countries. Ongoing regulatory reporting obligations include new product launches, prospectus updates, and financial statement submission; all of which are required to reassure investors of continued appropriate market authorisation of the funds in which they are invested.

PwC Global Fund Distribution can act as your trusted advisor for all your fund distribution oversight and compliance activities. With almost 20 years of experience, we service over 110 asset management groups, assisting them in maintaining and developing their cross-border fund footprint.

Our team of more than 35 fund experts can assist you, amongst, in the following areas:

  • Notification and maintenance of all AIFs in all countries of distribution;
  • Compliance review of AIF marketing documents, to ensure compliance with all local marketing and advertising rules;
  • Due diligence on multiple delegates, through an online platform for more efficiency, providing advice to mitigate any identified risks for delegates acting on your behalf;
  • Licensing requirement to market/promote AIFs in host countries.

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