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Debt Funds

Alternative investments are on the rise globally and, of all the various asset classes, debt is currently one of the favourite investment strategies among global investors.

In the wake of the global financial crisis, private debt played a crucial role in financing the real economy. Since then, asset managers have also enhanced their investment strategies with success, proposing funds dedicated to specific asset classes, such as real estate and infrastructure. This goes hand in hand with the growing investors' trend to increase their debt investment allocation, diversifying their portfolio and securing a reliable income stream.

Luxembourg, as a major financial centre for alternative investments, offers asset managers a wide range of regulated and non-regulated investment vehicles, which are flexible and tailored to the debt industry, while still being compliant with the latest global and European regulatory and tax requirements. Today, over 70% of the top 30 debt fund managers worldwide are present in Luxembourg.

At PwC Luxembourg, we have already worked with many top players in the market on both regulated and unregulated debt vehicles with all types of investment strategies, ranging from investments in preferred equity, senior, mezzanine, or distressed debt. We have extensive experience in helping these clients succeed at each stage in the life of debt structures. Let us help bring your debt project to the next level.


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