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Introducing PwC's Academy's Debt Funds training curriculum

In recent years, private debt has clearly become a very attractive class of assets on the radar screen of many investors. Private debt has always been a good diversification tool compared to traditional asset classes. On top, the last Covid period proved that this investment strategy, and alternative investment as a whole, demonstrated a high level of resilience and/or growth during those troubled market timing.

The government reducing and slowly putting an end to their stimulus program, private debt should play a key role in the future financing of our real economy. Hence the interest of LPs for the 3rd alternative asset class should not disappear and would even be reinforced. Businesses (especially SMEs) need bridge financing in order to survive the crisis, as well as guidance and expertise to navigate the current economic environment. Private credit managers are well-positioned to benefit from this.

That being said It is important to demystify private debt: what is a private debt fund? How is it structured: tax wise - operationally wise? What are the key concepts about fair valuation, GAAP optionality? How can they be structured? How to administer them?

In close collaboration with PwC's subject matter experts, PwC's Academy has designed a Debt Funds training curriculum that accurately answers all those questions and many others. It will help you better understand this specific private debt industry raising more and more capital and interests from investors.

5 complementary building blocks

The training curriculum is designed around 5 complementary building blocks:

  1. The "Debt Funds - Accounting considerations" will help participants understand accounting options available in Luxembourg as well as their implication in terms of processes, governance and disclosure.
  2. The "Debt Funds - Tax and Regulatory Impacts" will help you get more familiar with the tax complexity linked to debt funds:  You will be able to dive within ATAD requirements and international tax matters.
  3. The "Debt Funds - Investors reporting (Tax and regulatory)" will help you understand more specifically the requirements of investor tax reporting depending on the investor and fund profiles.
  4. The "Debt Funds - Risk Management, Governance and best market practices/hot topics" will make you understand the best market practices for private debt products as well as future development of the market in terms of product and regulation.
  5. The "Debt Funds - Valuation overview" has been developed to make you understand the key principles of valuation for private debt instruments based on the type of asset and structure set up in Luxembourg.

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