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Indirect Tax

Governments are increasingly relying on indirect taxes to generate revenue. For several years, businesses have witnessed the importance of indirect taxation as governments have embraced the shift from direct to indirect taxation.

Within the European Union, many countries have significantly increased VAT rates over the last five years so as to compensate direct tax cuts and social security contribution shortfalls in an attempt to balance overstretched budgets.

Countries outside the EU are increasingly seeking to modernise their VAT system or implement a new one. The OECD is revising its VAT/GST Guidelines and the European Commission is about to launch fundamental reforms. On top of that, court cases are multiplying.

As a result, businesses that do not efficiently manage their indirect tax position face the risks of profit erosion, increased cash flow and compliance costs.

Our team helps organisations manage and mitigate their indirect tax position (VAT registration duty, Insurance Premium Tax and Customs and Excise duty).

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We understand your challenges, which are driven by a constantly changing business and regulatory environment.

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