There's much more to consolidation than compliance with regulatory obligations. Consolidation is a powerful tool to analyse a group's financial performance. It provides insights and supports the strategic decisions of top management and investors.

High value consolidation process is key

In an economic world where the challenges in financial performance are major, groups have to prepare timely, relevant and reliable financial data to communicate with various internal and external stakeholders. This process has become increasingly complex and demanding over the past few years.

Legal requirements for detailed financial information, enhanced scrutiny from regulators, banks and tax administrations, higher complexity of accounting standards and shorter reporting deadlines reinforce the need to master every aspect of your consolidation.

The financial statements consolidation process is, therefore, crucial and requires an in-depth review in terms of organisation, system, team, knowledge and a continuous development of your consolidation function. Thanks to a strong and tailored consolidation process, your group is able to communicate effectively and timely on its financial performance.

Always taking as a top priority the respect of your values and specific needs, PwC as your key partner is committed to assist you in every stage of your consolidation up to the full externalisation, in order to help you delivering high quality consolidated financial statements in a timely manner and carrying your business goals one step further.


Our consolidation offering: from enhancing your consolidation process to fully outsourcing your consolidation


Enhance your organisation and processes

An efficient consolidation process and customised organisation are essential to provide timely consolidated financial performance in accordance with compliance standards. A due time consolidated financial results allow management and other key stakeholders to rapidly align their strategic decisions to their goals.

What your needs may be:

  • Optimise the organisation of your consolidation department;
  • Set up or strengthen your consolidation or tax accounting processes;
  • Reduce your reporting time, speed-up the consolidation process and meet your deadlines;
  • Minimise audit overruns.

How we can help you:

  • We run a finance diagnostic on your current processes, systems and organisation;
  • We assist you in designing, constructing and implementing consolidation processes;
  • We help you to enhance your closing and consolidation processes;
  • We help you align your management reporting to your consolidation reporting;
  • We help you to set up procedures, processes, disclosures, tax reporting and monitoring tools;
  • We assist you in the preparation of expert matter analyses related to consolidation;
  • We help you improve the communication between your central consolidation team and the group companies.


Selecting and implementing consolidation tools

The tool used to consolidate is as much important as your process. Selecting and implementing the adequate consolidation tool according to the size of your group, the periodicity of your consolidation reporting and the complexity of your operations are some of the key factors to succeed in producing timely and accurate consolidated reports.

What your needs may be:

  • Assess your consolidation system in light of business needs;
  • Perform a functional requirements' analysis;
  • Monitor your implementation.

How we can help you:

  • We do benchmarking analysis of existing consolidation software;
  • We analyse functional requirements, consolidation business cycle and identify required information;
  • We help you to select the right software and implement it.

Training and workshop

Enhance the talent of your consolidation team

Producing timely and accurate consolidated financial statements also depends on the skills and know-how of your collaborators. Gathering the appropriate team and improving consolidation, accounting, tax accounting knowledge of your staff is another asset.

What your needs may be:

  • Bring your finance team up-to-speed, increase their technical and regulatory knowledge.

How we can help you:

  • We provide you with basic, advanced and tailored trainings on consolidation, IFRS, LUX GAAP and other accounting standards, as well as on tax accounting;
  • We provide workshops on complex consolidation technical subjects, internal control, process and organisation.
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Policy and transaction analysis

Solution for complex areas of consolidation

Legal requirements for detailed financial information, covenants and stricter associated deadlines, complex transactions, acquisitions and continuous increases in GAAP complexity intensify the need to master every aspect of your consolidation.

What your needs may be:

  • Understand the full accounting impact of your accounting principles, scope changes (e.g. mergers, acquisitions or disposals);
  • Support on the accounting of some consolidation transactions;
  • Enhance application of your group accounting and reporting policies.

How we can help you:

  • We help you choose your reporting accounting principles (Lux GAAP, IFRS, US GAAP or any other GAAP) and understand the impact of your choice;
  • We help you define your consolidation scope and deal with complex transactions;
  • We perform IFRS 10 analysis;
  • We help you understand and monitor the full accounting impacts of your scope changes;
  • We set up consolidation accounting entries, including elimination entries;
  • We review your local reporting package;
  • We prepare the conversion of local GAAP to consolidation GAAP;
  • We support you on business combination accounting, writing acquisition memos;
  • We support you in IFRS transition coordination;
  • We support you with deferred tax and uncertain tax positions analysis;
  • We prepare group accounting, group consolidation and reporting manuals;
  • We help you prepare group consolidation instructions for subsidiaries and headquarters;
  • We design and prepare your group reporting package.

Resourcing support

Facing challenges requiring external expertise

You encounter unexpected circumstances, e.g. your group size has dramatically increased and you immediately need to reinforce your expertise to run your consolidation for a specific period of time? You need support for specific operations and specific tax accounting matters?

What your needs may be:

  • Know-how to run your consolidation or to take care of specific operations, transactions, closings;
  • External support for your tax accounting operations.

How we can help you:

  • We provide skills to help you managing the entire consolidation process with all stakeholders;
  • We provide expertise in accounting standards (IFRS, Luxembourg GAAP and US GAAP) and tax matters (tax accounting, deferred tax or uncertain tax positions).

Benefit from our customised expertise handled by our suited experts, whether in our premises or in your own offices for service’s efficiency.

Consolidation Outsourcing

Externalise fully your consolidation

You have decided to focus on your core-business and to delegate fully your consolidation. We can undertake the preparation of your consolidation and manage the entire consolidation process with all counterparties to save your time. You’ll keep full control over your consolidation thanks to a close and a continuous communication with our team.

What your needs may be:

  • Have a dedicated team taking care of your consolidation from A to Z.

How we can help you:

  • We manage the entire consolidation process with all stakeholders;
  • We prepare all or part of your consolidation and your consolidated financial statements (IFRS, Luxembourg GAAP and US GAAP), on an annual or periodical basis;
  • We manage the connection with the auditors;
  • We coordinate the data collection for the group entities' reporting packages.

Tax Accounting Services

Manage tax accounting issues and focus on strategic tax aspects of the business

Companies are facing increased strain on their tax accounting and reporting professionals. Financial restatements, increased regulatory scrutiny over income tax disclosures and account balances, compressed close cycles, as well as new reporting considerations and standards have increased organisational needs for tax accounting.
Our tax accounting professionals helps you achieve better control over tax accounting and consolidation issues to meet the needs of your business.

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How PwC can bring you the added value you're looking for?

Based on our best practices

Every company has its own culture and values. We can co-develop the right strategy adapted to your needs, acting as a one-stop-shop solution provider for the entire consolidation project.

Together with you, we can help enhance your consolidation process using the technology of your choice. We think widely and like to challenge the solution more deeply, while balancing pragmatic design and delivery outcomes.

Powerful partner delivering high quality consolidation work in due time and in compliance with accounting standards, we help you in your whole consolidation process up to its full externalisation.

A tailored approach

It's important for us that you and your teams feel comfortable and involved throughout the project. Your consolidation process needs to satisfy your internal objectives while adapting to your organisation's development. Our experts provide assistance and tailored solutions to make sure you get a project model that works for you. We operate with an open mind and positive attitude. We work together based on your priorities, with seamless communication and complete transparency: you know what we’re going to do and when, so no surprises at the end of our project.

A client focused team

We have an international team, selected for their specific skills and fully dedicated to consolidation, with over ten years of experience across multiple industries.
We work closely with our experts in taxation, IFRS, Luxembourg GAAP and US GAAP to ensure mastering every aspect of your consolidation. 

Worldwide presence

Our Global Network is the largest provider of professional services in the audit, tax and advisory services, including management consulting, transaction, consolidation, financing and regulatory advice. We are a network of independent firms based in 157 countries and employing over 208,000 people across the world.

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