ESG reporting ambition and data challenge

The European regulatory framework around sustainability is more and more demanding.

This training will give you a general overview of the existing/upcoming European sustainability regulations and standards. It will help your organisation to understand the related impacts and challenges, including data collection process, and to take anticipatory appropriate actions to be compliant with all requirements.

It will guide you in designing your ESG reporting strategy and identifying the best approach to prepare a sustainability report tailored to your needs (i.e. choice of framework /standards) and the materiality assessment.

13 December 2023 (EN) - 9am-12pm - On site

14 May 2024 (EN) - 2pm-5pm - On site

Price: 585.00 €

Duration: 3h

Language: Available in English and French

Number of participants: max. 15


At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • understand the main differences and links between the existing/upcoming regulation standards;
  • deep dive into Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) and International Sustainability Standards Board and its S1 and S2 standards;
  • understand the challenges and the main operational impacts related to the implementation of these new regulations' requirements, especially around data collection;
  • understand how to approach the materiality assessment (financial and impact);
  • understand how to design a roadmap to prepare their non-financial report identifying the main steps to follow.



  • CSRD and ISSB regulation explanations with description of regulatory context
  • ESRS explanations
  • Financial sustainability reporting (SASB, ISSB)
  • Challenges and impacts' deep dive: strategy, operations, reporting, data and technology
  • High level recommendations to design an ESG roadmap

Target audience

This course is open to those concerned by sustainability reporting, seeking to broaden their understanding on the subject.

Among the target audience are (not exclusively):

  • Corporations
  • Asset managers/Management Companies
  • Bankers
  • Insurers
  • Auditors
  • Financial controllers

Our lead experts

This training is coordinated by Claire Cherpion and Oriane Schoonbroodt, Directors at PwC Luxembourg.

Claire is a risk assurance director at PwC Luxembourg and focuses on sustainability reporting assurance and consulting.

With more than 17 years in auditing and advising, she supports large clients to demonstrate the robustness of their control environment and processes under the international standards such as ISAE 3000. She has developed a strong expertise in sustainability and climate reporting to advise or assess clients’ disclosures on non financial information. She is actively involved in PwC's CSRD/TCFD working groups. She is certified Cambridge business and climate change – Towards net zero emissions.

Oriane is a director at PwC Luxembourg.

She focuses on providing leadership and C-suite strategy advice on sustainable finance and ESG strategy for clients in financial services, corporations, SME’s and the public sector.

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