AML - Follow the money (e-learning)

Are you ready to support the Money Laundering Reporting Officer of a financial institution in investigating a complex situation? Are you able to efficiently deal with the business stakeholders to get the full picture and provide a reliable assessment?

AML - Follow the money is the new immersive digital case-study designed by PwC’s Academy and PwC’s subject matter experts to support the acquisition and assessment of essential AML knowledge and competence. Building upon the success of our AML Codename Black e-learning, it brings the learning experience to a new level.

This innovative learning solution leverages micro learning and embeds high quality videos, interactive quizzes and an evolving scenario. Gamification techniques allow to ‘live’ the case study and facilitate learning retention.

Get ready for a unique, immersive and lasting anti-money laundering training experience!

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AML - Follow the money (e-learning)

Please note that PwC’s Academy proposes 3 versions of this e-learning module:

  • An English version considering the Luxembourg regulatory framework.
  • A French version considering the Luxembourg regulatory framework (in this version the videos remain English spoken with a French text transcription).
  • A non-jurisdiction specific English version considering the broader European regulatory framework.

For insurance professionals, we propose a dedicated e-learning module: AML Codename Black.


We deploy our e-learning solution as from 10 licences.

  • From 10 to 50 participants: 75 EUR;
  • From 51 to 150 participants: 70 EUR;
  • From 151 to 300 participants: 60 EUR; 
  • More than 300 participants: 50 EUR.

Duration: 1h

Language: English/French depending on the version



By the end of this training, the participants will be able to:

  • identify the different steps of the money laundering cycle;
  • learn about anti-money laundering latest regulations updates in Luxembourg;
  • spot the red flags and link risk factors to understand main laundering techniques;
  • consider the anti-money laundering controls cycle;
  • challenge and apply AML internal controls;
  • apply "Customer Due Diligence" (CDD) procedures to identify and manage key risk indicators within customer relationships;
  • profile and monitor relationship activity;
  • understand reporting obligations.

Advantages of our digital learning solution

  • Time/cost effective learning
  • Immersive case study developed using micro learning and gamification techniques to ensure learner’s engagement and favouring optimal learning retention
  • Consistency of content delivery to all users
  • Flexibility: learn anytime, anywhere! (learn on any device : tablet, phone, laptop, etc)
  • Tracking of progress and reports
  • Pedagogical tools

Target audience

The programme is particularly appropriate for gaining a first essential understanding of AML and for use in conjunction with local regulatory requirements and legislation.

Overall, it is dedicated, but not exclusively, to:

  • professionals employed by financial institutions;
  • personnel from accountancy practices, law firms and regulators;
  • employees subject to understanding AML procedures in countries of the European Union with a focus on Luxembourg regulations.

Our lead experts

  • Michael Weis, Partner at PwC Luxembourg, joined PwC Luxembourg in 2001 and is today the financial crime and forensic services leader. He is regularly leading international and local forensic investigations and anti-money laundering (AML) projects with a specialisation on the banking and asset management industry. He is qualified as a certified professional Int. dipl. (compl.), FICA, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and ACFE.
  • Boris Rohwedder, Director in the forensics services of PwC Luxembourg
  • Alessandro Casarotti, Director in the forensics services of PwC Luxembourg
  • Camelia Boudam, Manager in the forensics services of PwC Luxembourg

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