Digital assets and metaverse curriculum

Digital assets and the metaverse - with blockchain as the underlying technology - have an undeniable transformative potential across many if not all sectors of the economy. While digital assets are reinventing how value is transferred and how digital ownership is secured, the metaverse is building on the convergence of maturing technologies in order to redefine how people interact, collaborate, transact and ultimately experience digital content.

Mindful of the continuous flow of information and contradictory signals to which each and every one of us is exposed, PwC’s Academy has designed, in close collaboration with PwC’s digital assets and metaverse team, a multilayer curriculum to address the need for clarity of market participants, thereby assisting them in making informed decisions in digital assets and metaverse contexts.

6 complementary building blocks

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The training curriculum is designed around 6 complementary building blocks:

1. Digital assets and the metaverse: myths busting (2h) will help participants  obtain a sufficient level of factual considerations about these topics in order to make informed business decisions.

2. Digital assets investment case: what you need to know (2h) will provide participants with a clear view on the differentiating factors, value propositions or value drivers of the numerous investment possibilities offered by digital asset-based products.

3. Digital assets and the metaverse: a perspective on risks (2h) will help participants apprehend and identify mitigation measures for the key risks inherent to digital assets and metaverse exposures.

4. The metaverse: beyond the hype (2h) will provide participants with a comprehensive view on what the metaverse encompasses and the underlying business opportunity.

5. Digital assets: a regulatory perspective (2h) will provide participants with a global overview of the current and upcoming digital assets regulatory landscape in the EU.

6. Digital assets and the metaverse for senior executives (1h30) will help participants review key concepts, understand the current market dynamics and assess how these topics may impact their business.

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