PFS (Re)Connect - 3 May 2022

After more than a year of digital events, we are pleased to announce that the next edition of our PFS (Re)Connect will take place on:

Tuesday 3 May 2022 - From 14:30 until the evening

At PwC Premises

With the (hopefully) end of the Covid pandemic and the underlying measures, and following the announcement of the CSSF on March 31 2022 that the teleworking Circular 21/769 will enter into force as at 1 July 2022, time as to come to think about Home Based Working in the long run. This is at least the expectation of employees. In times where the competition around talents has never been so fierce, it will also generate a clear market advantage for employers.

During this event, PwC Experts will take you during our plenary session for a tour of the current Home Based Working state of play for Professionals of the Financial Sector and give you a 360° view of the practical implications for the future. 

Dedicated workshop sessions will follow to allow you to deep dive on Governance, ESG and Cyber Risks topics for some, and our professionals will broaden your horizon and discuss what is going on the Alternatives, Private Wealth and Asset & Wealth Management sides for the others. 

The most interesting part will be the cocktail that will enable us to finally reconnect after this long pandemic!

PSF reconnect


14:30 - 15:00 Registration & Welcome Coffee
15:00 - 15:10

Nicolas Grillot, PwC Luxembourg PFS Leader

15:10 - 16:15

The future of teleworking - practical implications from a Change Management, Tax, Regulatory and IT perspective

  • Mariann Rackebrandt, People, Experience and Change Senior Manager
  • Caroline Linel, Reward & Regulations Senior Manager
  • Julien Treffort, Personal Tax Partner
  • Florian Bewig, Regulatory & Compliance Managing Director
16:30 - 17:15 Workshop #1
17:30 - 18:15 Workshop #2
As from 18:15 Networking Cocktail


CSSF Circular 20/758 : Which main pain points do we observe within investment firms and how to address them?

IInstructors: Franck Pansera & Isabelle Melcion-Richard

The CSSF Circular 20/758 replacing the CSSF Circular 12/552 on central administration, internal governance and risk management has entered into force since 01 Jan 2021.

It reinforces the existing governance requirements at all levels of the investment firms and promotes the risk culture as a key component of sound and prudent governance.

For some actors, it can be quite complex to address the numerous impacts including for example independence, suitability and diversity criterias applicable to the Management Body, or the assessment of all risks linked to performed activities.

This interactive workshop will be the opportunity to share feedback and observations, main findings raised by the CSSF during on-site inspections, as well as best practices implemented.

Cyber Risk from an internal control’s perspective

Instructors: Maxime Clementz & Alexandre Lambin

Two cybersecurity experts from PwC Luxembourg share their approach to assess the modern risks that threaten organisations. From both governance and technical perspectives, they will cover the challenges and opportunities that such assessments can bring. Their experience in such missions will give you insight to get prepared to tackle hot cybersecurity topics!   

The challenges and opportunities related to the CRM tool of medium sized wealth managers

Instructor: Patrice Passe-Coutrin

Wealth managers succeed based on the strength of building and maintaining relationships.

 But when fees are compressed, and prioritisation is required, they can often find themselves wondering: which are the relationships and conversations that will yield the greatest returns?

Still, as they often operate across multiple countries, meeting multiple regulatory requirements set by multiple jurisdictions can be a  administrative burden in particular during the client onboarding

and many  have to deal with information overload and fragmentation

Then let's revisit the new CRM benefits  and functions that will improve the wealth managers prospection, sales and services activities and the client experience


Blockchain & Crypto-assets are reshuffling financial services: Are you ready?

Instructor: Thomas Campione

Blockchain & Crypto-assets has left the underground and entered the boardroom of the biggest financial services providers in the world. The significant increase in end-users adoption combined with institutionalisation of the ecosystem, and comprehensive upcoming regulatory developments makes it difficult to ignore.

Let’s find out what are the major developments in the financial sector and discuss why blockchain and crypto-assets may well impact your customers and therefore your business sooner than later.

ESG - All you ever wanted to know (or almost!)

Instructor: Frédéric Vonner

ESG, Sustainability, Sustainable Finance… One can not spend a day without hearing or reading about these topics in the newspaper, on TV or at the radio.

During this workshop, we will guide through the latest evolutions on these broad-ranging topics, while focusing on potential impacts for you and your business going forward.

We will address the key strategy and operations questions you need to consider in 2022 and beyond, and try to help you find our own answers.

Trends in Alternatives Operations

Instructors: Philippe Belche & Francesco Piantoni

Despite the current Covid-19 related uncertainties and accelerating changes in the geo-political landscapes, the alternatives industry is expected to continue maintaining or even exceeding its current growth rate.

To gain an edge in this highly competitive market, fund managers will want to work with service partners who can provide streamlined processes, increase efficiency as well as adopt value-add and innovative technologies.

To meet this demand, asset service providers will need to strike the right balance between innovation and maintaining day-to-day operations.

In this workshop, we will provide insights to trends in fund management and asset service provider operations.

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