Compliance is going digital Survey report

Technology changes the way we live and do business. It paves the way to do things in previously unimagined ways. In the world of compliance, businesses feel the impact of technology on how they collect, record and transmit data, and increasingly on how they pay taxes.

Tax authorities have greater visibility into business data and can conduct realtime rather than annual scrutiny, analytics and follow-up. Meanwhile, increased data sharing between taxpayers and tax authorities raises questions about data integrity and cyber-security, and the need for secure and trusted systems.

This survey was designed to better understand the challenges businesses face, their abilities and objectives regarding digital transformation, especially in terms of accounting and tax compliance.

How did we conduct the survey?
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Why did we conduct this survey?

Given our global vantage point and access to a wide range of clients in Luxembourg, and ultimately to better serve the community, we wanted to:

  • Understand the current Luxembourg compliance landscape;
  • Better understand the drivers, best practices and pain points related to going digital;
  • Assess the real and perceived impact of going digital on compliance, and on businesses in general.

How did we conduct the survey?

We've put together a concise survey of 13 questions, and sent it out to CEOs, CFOs, Head of Tax, Head of Accounting of financial institutions and operational companies in Luxembourg.

Having a digital transformation strategy including aspects such as people, tools and processes has definitely become a must. Discover the challenges and the value from digital compliance in the full report.

The main features that technology should bring to the tax/accounting function are:

The main features that technology should bring to the tax/accounting function
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Digitalisation is coming fast and will impact all areas of organisations.

It is not too late, but it is time.

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