Investment firm Regulation and Directive - Impact and timeline for Investment firms (IFR/IFD)

On December 5, 2019, the DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/2034 and REGULATION (EU) 2019/2033 on the prudential requirements of investment firms (IFD & IFR) were published and the implementation timeline starts as from June 26, 2021. The new regime introduces a new approach to the calculation of the regulatory capital requirements and for most of the investment firms it will result in increased capital needs, subject to transitional phasing-in. Also, new liquidity requirements, remuneration rules, internal governance, disclosure and reporting requirements will be introduced. This new framework was designed and specifically tailored to the business models of the investment firms.

21 June 2021 (ENG) - 2:30pm-4pm

Price: 250.00 €

Duration: 1.5h

Language: English

Number of participants: max. 20


This training is aiming to introduce a new prudential framework for the investment firms, its key elements, implementation timeline and potential implications for the regulated investment firms.


This training is focusing on the following aspects of the new framework:

  • Regulatory process and implementation timeline;
  • General principles governing the categorisation of investment firms;
  • New own funds, liquidity and concentration risk requirements; 
  • What kind of reporting and disclosure framework will be implemented;
  • Which governance and remuneration principle will need to be respected;
  • Which firms will be subject to Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP);
  • Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment process (ICAAP).

Target audience

  • Investment firms

Our lead experts

Jean-Philippe Maes - Partner (Regulatory Compliance Services)

Jean-Philippe has been providing governance and risk management services to a wide banking and PFS audience over the last 12 years. He is a Partner within PwC Luxembourg, where he leads the firm’s Banking and PFS Risk Advisory team. He chairs the Basel IV Taskforce and is the lead advisor for CRD IV/CRR topics. Jean-Philippe has coordinated assignments in banking and PFS risk management topics such as: stress testing, capital requirements and liquidity adequacy analysis, internal governance and operations, regulatory reporting and others. He is the holder of an MBA from Warwick Business School combined with the engineering background from previous studies.

Elena Kazmina – Manager (Regulatory Compliance Services)

Elena is a manager with an experience in assurance and advisory services in the Banking and Financial Services industry. She performed multiple assessments covering compliance of the Luxembourg based credit institutions and PFS with the regulatory and legislative framework, including prudential requirements. Elena was leading multiple assignments focused on validation and certification of the regulatory reporting under CRD & CRR framework as well as impact studies in the context of IFR & IFD framework.

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