Workday Club 2021

The Workday Club is back! Our next event will be held on 8 July 2021 - 15:00 pm to 16:30 pm, in a remote format, with some of the most current topics: Upskilling and Diversity and the related Workday functionalities to get the most out of the tool.

From the hand of the best experts on the field, we will answer these questions among others:

  1. What is the impact of Upskilling and Reskilling in my organisation? What is the best way to start?

  2. I have Workday, how can I optimise the talents in my company? 

  3. Why is it so important to consider the diversity in our culture? How do you promote diversity?

  4. What can I do on Workday to encourage diversity? Let’s see it for real!

Do you have Workday in your organisation? No, but are you curious about how it looks? Whether you have it or not, you will enjoy this conversation that brings a human perspective on how to grow your employees, make the best of your workforce and build an enriching culture that brings value while empowering equality.

If you would like to deepen a topic or if you have any question regarding a session, do not hesitate to contact us or your PwC regular contact.

Workday Club 2021

Date & Schedule

The session will take place on Thursday 8 July from 15:00 pm  to 16:30 pm CET.



Kick-off/ Intro (Christian Scharff, PwC Luxembourg)

15:10-15:25 Upskilling & Reskilling introduction (Christian Scharff, PwC Luxembourg)
15:25-15:40 Talent optimisation demo + Q&A (Jan Willem de Koster, Workday)
15:40-15:55 Diversity introduction (Vinciane Istace, PwC Luxembourg)

Diversity functionalities demo + Q&A (Daniela Porr, Workday)


New features released 2021 (Jan Willem de Koster, Workday)

16:20-16:30 Wrap-up (Christian Scharff, PwC Luxembourg)

Contact us

Christian Scharff

Partner, People & Organisation Leader, PwC Luxembourg

Tel: +352 49 48 48 2051

Shanika Charles

Director, Head of Workday HCM practice, PwC Luxembourg

Tel: +352 49 48 48 3611

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