Who we are and what we do

PwC Luxembourg is the largest professional services firm in Luxembourg. We provide audit, tax and advisory services. Our firm provides advice to a wide variety of clients from local and middle market entrepreneurs to large multinational companies. Although we mainly serve clients with operations in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, their reach is often international and, therefore, the impact of our business (especially in terms of legitimacy and ethics, as well as societal impact) goes beyond national borders.

Our purpose, vision and values

The glue that binds our firm together is our purpose, our values and the pro-active manner in which we seek to identify and drive them through our responsible business approach.

Our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems - a global, shared articulation of why we do what we do.

We see the systems we're part of impacting every individual in society - and they're under strain like never before. We've identified five global megatrends - macroeconomic and geostrategic forces - that are shaping our world and our collective futures in profound ways.

  • Economic systems are grappling with resource scarcity.
  • Capital markets are trying to provide stability in the midst of uncertainty.
  • Governments are struggling to meet the demands of social changes, demographic shifts and globalisation.
  • Technology breakthroughs change how we do business, how we live and how we connect with each other.
  • Climate change is increasingly impacting communities and access to resources.

Our values and behaviours define the expectations we have for working with our clients and each other. They guide how we make decisions, treat each other, and serve our clients. They also hold us accountable to do our best.

Our services

"Our audit work assures an organisation’s stakeholders that their financial statements are presented in a true and fair manner. A large part of the audit work is still manual, but we’re automating our processes to make them more efficient. We use digital tools across the PwC network to make sure the audits of organisations with cross-border operations are coordinated and harmonised. Nevertheless, there will always be a human-being to make professional judgements about the abnormalities spotted through automated testing: this is our added-value as auditors."

Christophe Pittie

"Our expertise combines tax reporting, tax audits, due diligence work, development of e-tax reporting and advisory work and it has one common purpose: to improve our clients' tax position and navigate through increasing tax risks. We’re conscious of the current tax climate and the shift in the public sentiment around tax planning. We wish to be proactive, forward looking and we want to change where needed."

Wim Piot

"Our role in Advisory is to help organisations address challenges and solve important problems for their key stakeholders. Companies and financial institutions rely on us to help them comply with new regulations, reach new markets and create jobs. We also help organisations become more efficient, resilient and sustainable by assisting them to reorganise their workplaces and institute improved processes."

Jean-François Kroonen.

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Director, Head of Marketing & Communications, PwC Luxembourg

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