Pavel Kostyuchenko, Assurance Partner

Meet new partner, Pavel Kostyuchenko. He has been working at PwC for 16 years, growing his leadership skills as far afield as Moscow, Jakarta and Hong Kong through building and leading successful teams. Pavel’s mathematical prowess, honed through childhood competitions, has proved invaluable in tackling complex challenges and is an asset to the firm. 

His passion for social interaction and collaboration emerges as a key motivator, fostering excitement for work that involves meaningful interactions. A standout moment for him was witnessing the management team's united approach to handling a high-risk situation, showcasing their dedication to protecting the company and its stakeholders. 

Ultimately, Pavel’s combination of mathematical acumen, leadership abilities, and commitment to collective problem-solving make him a valuable addition to the team.

Pavel’s keen awareness of urgent global challenges, such as climate change, prompts a call for innovative solutions. 

Pavel Kostyuchenko
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