Anthony Bianco, Assurance Partner

Meet Anthony Bianco, an adventurous explorer. What he enjoys most is travelling across the world and discovering new places and cultures. His wanderlust does not seem to translate to his career however, as he started with PwC Luxembourg in  2007, although he did a brief stint outside of the firm.  

Discovery for Anthony means more than just new places. He is intellectually curious and loves to get out of his comfort zone. He values continuous learning (he is himself a fan of history), and encourages his team to be curious and solution-oriented.

He’s intrigued by technology, especially gadgets and new apps, and he isn’t afraid of Artificial Intelligence, appreciating its potential. What motivates him to get up in the morning is the fact that no day is like another. Perhaps this is why he loves his professional role so much, as he says it has an ever-changing nature laced with unpredictability and innovation.

Anthony Bainco
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