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Technology made simple

Ah, technology. To quote Steve Jobs, arguably the most famous disruptor of our time, "we have no idea how far it's going to go".

Whether you're the savviest techy around or a complete tech-dummy or somewhere in between, join Luis Salerno, who enjoys writing about tech-related matters, and Carla Santos, a journalist eager to learn more about it, during their bimonthly conversations with experts.

The matters revolve around technology developments and the business challenges linked to them, with interesting reflections on how far we've come and how far we just might go.

TechTalk is technology made simple, over a cup of coffee.    

Season 5

The One on Social Engineering

Ep6: The One on Social Engineering

Have you ever got a phone call from someone posing as a representative from a legitimate entity asking you for your personal information, or worse, telling you that your bank account has been compromised and they need your credentials? This is just one example of Social Engineering tactics, but there is more.

In this episode of TechTalk, we speak with Christina Lekati, Social Engineering Trainer & Consultant at Cyber Risk, who tells us all about Social Engineering, including what are the most commonly used tactics and how we can spot them before it's too late.

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Ep5: The One on Why CISOs, DPOs and CEOs should work closer

In this episode of TechTalk, we speak with Paul Oor, who is an independent Security and Data Protection Consultant and Project Manager, about the reason(s) why Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) should work closer.

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Ep4: The One on a Digital Identity for Europe

Will our physical identification documents, such as identity cards or passports, soon be a thing of the past in Europe? In this episode of TechTalk, we talk with Serge Hanssens about the opportunities and challenges for developing a viable and solid digital identity ecosystem in the Old Continent and how such a system would work in practice.

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Ep3: The One on Ethical Hacking

Very often, we hear on the news about a cyber-attack, where malicious hackers worked to disable a security system to either take it down or to steal information, usually to get a ransom.

But hacking isn't only about illegal activities. In this episode of TechTalk, Luis and I talk with Simon Petitjean, Offensive Security & Red Team Leader at PwC Luxembourg, about "the good type of hacking" - the ethical one. And who’s better placed to tell us about it than an ethical hacker himself?

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Ep2: The One on Process Mining, simply Explained

The term "Process Mining" was first coined in a research proposal written by the Dutch computer scientist Wil van der Aalst, known as the Godfather of Process mining. This is how this new field of research began, emerging under the umbrella of techniques related to data science and process science at the Eindhoven University in 1999.

In this episode of TechTalk, we invited Maxime Hennau, Advisory Senior Manager at PwC Luxembourg, to explain to us, in layman’s terms, what process mining is.

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Ep1: The One on Digital Procurement

The procurement function is currently changing, like most if not all business functions and operations, due to digital technology. Organisations are looking for solutions to advance procurement, which, among others, translates into cost savings and risk mitigation, while improving the employee and user experience with new digital tools. However, when betting on this transformation, there are challenges to face too. 

In this episode of TechTalk, we talk about the digitalisation of procurement with Yoliana Bayona, Advisory Services Director, and Frédéric Chapelle, Partner at PwC Luxembourg.

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