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"Fit for the Future"

Digital is changing everything, though quite where that trend goes, nobody knows. The way people invest, the way they occupy... it will all be altered by technology.

Consider digital as an integral part of your business strategy to achieve:

  • Higher productivity
  • Employee engagement
  • Top line growth
  • Competitive advantages
  • Tap into new markets

Digital is not an end in itself but a means to serving stakeholder' needs better.

Digital technology will be a game changer in the Real Estate industry

While Technology is an enabler, Data is at the core of the digital transformation.
We know that data & costs are a challenge for the Real Estate industry but will also be differentiators for the future.


Data management and reporting

"Spreadsheets are no longer the need of our customers."

Data is underpinning everything with worldwide data growing by 50 % annually from an expanding set of human and machine touch points.

Your Challenges

  • How to better adapt systems to continuously changing requirements?
  • How to leverage data and information to create better value to Regulators, management and customers?
  • How does your organization currently leverage its own or third party data?
  • How resilient are you to respond to a major change or disruption?
  • How to integrate the best data from different sources to bring better reports to your customers?

What we do

  • We can help find innovative ways to monetize data
  • Identify compliance failures and/or inefficiencies
  • Build an organizational capability to enable day-to-day, data-driven decision making for our customers

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Data and reporting opportunities

How can Real Estate companies take advantage of new Data and Reporting opportunities to stay competitive, increase value and minimise risk?

The value drivers for real estate investment have become more complex due to social, cultural and technology change. Real estate is being redefined from a financial asset to a service. Today making strategic investment decisions and optimising portfolio performance requires business intelligence through the use of operational, economic and behavioral data sources. A third of the industry still manages data on spreadsheets and mostly in silos while being underinvested in technology. A data and digital strategy, aligned with business objectives can help you move from challenges to opportunities.

Data & Technology: challenges and requirements

Cost Efficiency

"With pressure on fees, lowering costs by incorporating more digitization is a must."

Pressure on fees and for a new level of performance is high, along with the need to create a swifter path to growth and profitability.

Your challenges

  • Lack of growth against a business strategic plan
  • Decreasing profitability
  • Lacking competitiveness compared to the competition
  • New market entry or global expansion
  • A merger, acquisition or divestiture
  • Regulatory challenges impacting the business
  • Overly complex processes that need to be simplified and standardized
  • Functional operations are not supported by an optimized ERP or technology platform

What we do

  • Set up the right Cost Governance
  • Put in place a new framework for Cost Control
  • Prepare strategic plan and business case to outline Cost Reduction opportunities
  • Implementation of identified Cost Opportunities
  • Robotics Process automation (RPA)


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