Latest recommendations of the Luxembourg Accounting Board: all you need to know!

Keeping up with the latest doctrine is an important part of the job of every accounting expert. Since a few years, the number of recommendations issued by the CNC is increasing and is tackling important topics on which the accounting law is silent. Which currency can be used as a presentation currency and how to convert at year-end? What is the impact in case of a change of accounting method? These are 2 examples of the questions this module will address and answer using the CNC recommendations and our experts' market experience.

31 October 2024 (EN) - 10am-12pm - On site

28 January 2025 (EN) - 10am-12pm - On site

Price: 410.00 €

Duration: 2h

Language: Available in English and French. The supporting material is only available in English.

Number of participants: up to 20

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This training aims at giving you all the information and latest doctrine issued by the Luxembourg Accounting Board ("Commission des Normes Comptables" or "CNC"). This training will be delivered by experts who will share their view and their experience on the market impact in terms of accounting.



This training will cover several recommendations on the following topics:

  • Change of currency for bookkeeping and preparation of annual accounts
  • Acounting aspects of company migrations to Luxembourg
  • Implementation of the small group consolidation exemption (article 1711-4 LSC): practical arrangements
  • Accounting treatment of transactions and balances denominated in foreign currencies


The adjustments released in May 2023 on the following recommendations will also be covered:

  • Currency of accounting and preparation of annual accounts
  • Change in accounting methods, valuation method and accounting estimates
  • Exemption from establishing consolidated subgroup accounts: notions of conformity and equivalence (art. 1711-7, point 2° LSC)

Target audience

  • Accountants 
  • Chartered accountants 
  • Fiduciaries staff 
  • Internal and external auditors 
  • CFO 
  • Heads of accounting 
  • Financial controllers

Our lead experts

This training is coordinated by Alexandre Leleux, Partner in the accounting and tax compliance services of PwC Luxembourg, Damien Brunet, Director, and Gregory Beauchesne, Senior Manager in the accounting technical team. The training will be presented by experts in the accounting field.

Alexandre is a partner of our ECF practice, active in the accounting and tax compliance of international tax structures, operational companies, real estate and private equity sector. He has over 18 years of experience in audit and accounting. His primary area of expertise is the preparation of financial statement under Lux GAAP, the conversion from GAAP to GAAP and the preparation of various reporting (CSSF, BCL,...) to ensure the accounting compliance of operational companies, management companies and international and private equity structures.

He is also the head of the Lux GAAP technical team of PwC Luxembourg advising multinational clients on the accounting queries from tax, audit and advisory departments of PwC Luxembourg and other PwC offices. He is also member of the editorial board of ACE, an accounting, tax and audit professional magazine in Luxembourg. 

Damien is a director in the accounting and tax compliance practice of PwC Luxembourg and the coordinator of the Luxembourg technical accounting group where he deals on a day-to-day basis with complex Lux GAAP transactions. He is also responsible of the e-accounts solution, a PwC’s online tool for the preparation and filing of annual accounts.

He is CCA (Certified Chartered Accountant) in Luxembourg and chartered accountant in France. He is also the president of the training’s commission at the OEC.

​After 4 years as auditor in real estate sector, Grégory is senior manager in the tax management and accounting services department where he is specialised in the preparation of financial statements and tax returns for international structures and operational companies.
Grégory is also member of accounting technical team - Lux GAAP at PwC Luxembourg, where he deals on day to day basis with accounting technical issues.

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