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Scheduled inter-company courses are chronologically listed here below. This schedule is updated on a regular basis. Please click on a title to obtain a detailed description of the related course and access the contact / registration form. By registering to a course, you acknowledge that you have read and that you consent to our General Terms and Conditions. Sessions are confirmed to registered participants in advance, once the quorum audience has been reached.
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02/05/23 Debt funds: accounting considerations
03/05/23 FATCA, governance and oversight: impact of the 18 June 2020 Law
03/05/23 MiFID II: the essentials
03/05/23 Administration of alternative investment funds - Introduction to the AIF industry
03/05/23 UCI's performance fees: calculation techniques and market practices - Advanced
10/05/23 Alternative assets valuation and valuation oversight: Private Equity
10/05/23 Transfer agent: roles and responsibilities
10/05/23 Foreign exchange rules under Lux GAAP
11/05/23 Capital requirements for management companies
15/05/23 Presentation of the Luxembourg regulatory framework applicable to support PSF and specialised PSF
15/05/23 Investment Funds - Operational aspects
15/05/23 Investment Funds - Actors, roles & responsibilities
15/05/23 Investment Funds - Introduction and market data
15/05/23 Investment Funds – Regulatory framework (UCITS and AIFs)
16/05/23 AML/CTF: key regulatory updates and industry trends incl. EU AML action plan, AMLD6
16/05/23 Risk management essentials for banks
16/05/23 Reporting and accounting for VAT in compliance
16/05/23 The power of employee advocacy to grow your brand influence
16/05/23 Digital Identity: secure, fast and convenient
17/05/23 Transfer agent: processes, risks and controls - Part 1
17/05/23 Alternative assets valuation and valuation oversight: infrastructure
17/05/23 Fight Against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing (including latest regulatory updates)
17/05/23 Administration of alternative investment funds - Regulatory and tax aspects
22/05/23 Debt funds: investors reporting (tax and regulatory)
23/05/23 Preparing the PRIIPs KID
23/05/23 Transfer agent: processes, risks and controls - Part 2
23/05/23 Management company delegation oversight
23/05/23 Social media in 2022: how to do it right
24/05/23 UCITS: eligible assets and investment restrictions for Luxembourg UCITS - Foundation
24/05/23 Become an AIFMD risk manager - Focus on Real Estate
24/05/23 Bookkeeping for holding companies in Luxembourg
25/05/23 Data privacy in Luxembourg: GDPR and beyond
25/05/23 Whistleblowing : how to turn compliance with upcoming laws into a business advantage
25/05/23 IT regulation and IT outsourcing in Luxembourg - What you need to know
26/05/23 Debt funds: risk management, governance and best market practices/hot topics
31/05/23 Transfer agent & Distributed Ledger Technology

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